Tarot 101: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Choose a Deck

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Page of pentacles & 7 of pentacles 🙌🏾 I am hearing you are evaluating wether to keep investing in a job / or career. I am hearing if you tried everything human possibly to try to make it work. Sometimes you need to cut your losses and walk away. ☺️ Someone has been waiting for the right time to reach out and they have. I am hearing evaluate this person’s motives. Question if you wish to keep investing in this relationship. I feel like you can start fresh and with a better foundation. ☀️ You have all the tools to execute your vision. You have determination and perseverance to see something through. It’s all a matter of mindset. Think abundance. 💜 Be patient you are at the beginning of building your empire. You will get to be a queen or king of pentacles. You need to start somewhere. Keep your eyes on the price . 🦃 Someone message to you is grounded and honest am hearing. 🙏🏾 Be careful of your time. Where are you investing your time. Is in productive things ? Is it helping you achieve your dreams? If not , changes need to be made. 🔥 The path is long and arduous and will require lot’s of patience and investment of time and energy. With all that being said the rewards will be successful. Blessings #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #pickacard

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Ready to get a deck but hung up on the old myth that your first deck should be a gift? If you’re hesitant to purchase your own deck for yourself, don’t worry. Many of us have gone through that confusing state of whether or not you should magically hope to be gifted a deck by someone. The answer is, it’s up to your own personal practice. Do you gravitate more towards wanting to pick your own deck instead of risking someone gifting you a deck you might not like due to its lack of illustrations? It’s perfectly fine to purchase a deck for yourself – first deck or not. I purchased a deck for myself when I first began to dabble in tarot. Since then, I have been blessed to be gifted a variety of decks by many amazing people.

You might be wondering how does one go about picking a deck? My recommendation is to always follow your intuitive hunch. It doesn’t hurt to go into a shop with a specific deck in mind, but it’s equally eventful to see which tarot deck just tugs at your heart. If a particular deck constantly grabs your attention or gives you this unexplainable feeling of “this is the one!” – chances are, that’s the deck is meant for you at that moment. There might be instances where you find yourself not automatically clicking with a tarot deck for various reasons. Give yourself the opportunity to build a loving relationship with that deck. I’ve had decks that I didn’t automatically connect with until later on in my practice. That is something that definitely occurs.

Let’s say you have no clue what deck you want or where to purchase a deck. This is where you can always lean on the classics. There are many decks up for sale online and even via Etsy. The options are plenty and soon you’ll find yourself excited to collect. Ready to get your hands on a deck, but not sure which decks are beginner’s friendly? No worries, we’ve got you!

“Any Rider Waite copy is my recommendation,” shares Tarot YouTuber JJ Constellation. “Some of them are Smith Wait Tarot Deck, Morgan Greer Tarot Deck, or The Radiant Tarot deck. Ultimately, use the one that you feel called to.”

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