15 Classic Bésame Cosmetics For Your Beauty Stash

1920- Black Cake Mascara

Photo: Besame Cosmetics

Part of what makes Bésame Cosmetics so cool is how they thoroughly research vintage beauty trends and products and recreate them to the T. They bring back those unique, old-school products that we wish we could’ve used way back when. One such product is their black cake mascara. This formulation style is from the 1920s, when mascara was first being used by women as a product they could actually buy at the store. Today almost all women use mascara, but how many of you have used the OG cake version with the applicator brush? It’s definitely something to try, as it’s fun to trace back the history of cosmetics and check out products of previous decades. Did I mention you can also use it as an eyeliner! It all comes in a vintage-y tin that is reusable; as with all of Bésame Cosmetics products, the tin is perfect for adding beautiful throwback glam to your vanity.

1920- Black Cake Mascara, $25, Available at Besame Cosmetics

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