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15 Classic Bésame Cosmetics For Your Beauty Stash

Photo: @besamecosmetics/@kiyrathehuman/Instagram

Women have been glamming themselves up for decades, rocking creative makeup and hair looks. Each decade had its signature colors and styles, from the bold brows, black eyeliner, and red lips of the 1940s, to the dramatic, graphic black-and-white eyes, and pale nude and peach lips of the 1960s. Today, women everywhere are inspired by the beauty looks of the past and look to many of them for inspiration.

One of the leaders of the vintage beauty industry is Gabriela Hernandez. She launched Bésame Cosmetics in 2004 and has provided beautiful, amazing throwback cosmetics ever since. The brand copies exact colors from specific years and decades, guaranteeing you are getting the real deal when you shop for vintage makeup. Besame has also collaborated with Disney to bring to life beauty products from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, and Marvel’s Agent Carter. Not only is the makeup itself fabulous, but the packaging is so exquisite, rounding out the appeal of these unique items.

This year, Bésame Cosmetics is celebrating 15 years in the beauty business! To celebrate their quince, we are sharing 15 of our favorite Besame products that we know and love.

1920- Black Cake Mascara

Photo: Besame Cosmetics

Part of what makes Bésame Cosmetics so cool is how they thoroughly research vintage beauty trends and products and recreate them to the T. They bring back those unique, old-school products that we wish we could’ve used way back when. One such product is their black cake mascara. This formulation style is from the 1920s, when mascara was first being used by women as a product they could actually buy at the store. Today almost all women use mascara, but how many of you have used the OG cake version with the applicator brush? It’s definitely something to try, as it’s fun to trace back the history of cosmetics and check out products of previous decades. Did I mention you can also use it as an eyeliner! It all comes in a vintage-y tin that is reusable; as with all of Bésame Cosmetics products, the tin is perfect for adding beautiful throwback glam to your vanity.

1920- Black Cake Mascara, $25, Available at Besame Cosmetics

Cashmere Foundation Stick

You can’t do a beauty product roundup without including foundation. Foundation is the base of your entire look. In fact, the wrong foundation can ruin your look, while the perfect match can leave you looking flawless. Bésame Cosmetics’ Cashmere Foundation Stick is a multi-use product, which is feather-light, but will give you full coverage, and a matte finish. It is also paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, non-comedogenic, and cruelty-free. Available in three colors — deep bronze, warm tan, and cocoa — you can use the foundation stick by itself, or mix them together to create a custom color. And they’re currently on sale!

Cashmere Foundation Stick, $5, Besame Cosmetics

Decades of Fragrance

It may not currently be available on the site, but we still have to mention the Bésame Cosmetics Decades of Fragrance perfumes. Available in decades, from 1910 to 1960, each scent captures the notes which were popular during that decade. It’s such a fun way to dabble in what was on-trend during a certain time. For example, the 1940s fragrance had top notes of mandarin, cinnamon, clary sage, heart notes of tobacco, heliotrope, lavender, and base notes of musks, cedarwood, and vanilla. Such a cool concept! The fragrances were available in a rollerball and spray form. We’re dying for Bésame Cosmetics to bring these back!

Agent Carter Passport Palette

Next on our list of some of our favorite beauty products by Bésame Cosmetics is the Agent Carter Passport Palette. The collection is inspired by Agent Peggy Carter, a 1940’s-era secret agent, whose character is part of the Marvel universe. Set in the year of the first season of the show, 1946, the eyeshadow colors are beautiful, and the palette offers both daytime and nighttime options. They’re all packaged in the most adorable faux passport. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition product, but you can find some online, in places like eBay.

1941-Victory Red Lipstick

Some of the best red lipsticks of all time are those that came out of the 1940s or are inspired by that particular decade. That’s because the lipsticks of the 1940s had rich red colors, that were flattering and glamorous yet classic. No wonder they have stood the test of time! Bésame Cosmetics has knocked it out of the park with their lipsticks, offering a variety of perfect red shades from different years, each a flawless representation of that year. Their Victory Red is a nod to 1941, and the color looks so stylish on a variety of skin tones.

1941-Victory Red Lipstick, $22, Besame Cosmetics,

Brightening Powder

Bésame Cosmetics’ brightening powders come in a variety of formulations for various skin tones, that color correct, brighten the complexion, mattify the skin, set your makeup, and offer a touch of color and scent. There are five different options to choose from: violet, vanilla chai, French vanilla, vanilla, and vanilla rose — all packaged in the prettiest containers. These powders are formulated without parabens, are gluten-free, and produced domestically.

Brightening Powder, $22, Besame Cosmetics

Waterfall Mist Fragrance

You want your beauty products to work great, but also to look great. You want to fill your vanity with gorgeous bottles, compacts, lipstick tubes, and other stylish items. Just imagine our glee when we came across this super-cute, adorable-beyond-belief Waterfall Mist Fragrance by Bésame. With a bottle that came straight from the animation archives, from the Disney movie Peter Pan, it is the brand’s first limited-edition fragrance.

Fragrance Note: Green floral
Top Note: Lemon mint
Middle Note: Violet rose
Base Note: Beeswax

Waterfall Mist Fragrance, $48, Besame Cosmetics

1965-Portrait Peach Lipstick

Another decade that gave us tons of great beauty inspiration is the 1960s. The eye looks were so striking and bold, with heavy eyeliner and mascara. The lips were a nude, white, or peach color, to keep the balance of the style. Bésame Cosmetics took the essence of the mid-’60s and packaged it into their 1965 lipstick shade, Portrait Peach.

1965-Portrait Peach Lipstick, $22, Besame Cosmetics

Gold Shell Bronzer

Did we mention that we live for exquisite packaging? It makes the difference when you’re constantly pulling your makeup out of your bag. A sleek and stylish product will make you feel glamorous, and put a smile on your face. And glam up that vanity. Bésame’s Gold Shell Bronzer, from their 1953 Mermaid Lagoon Collection, is so pretty, you’ll want to go for the bronze on a regular basis.

Gold Shell Bronzer, $35, Besame Cosmetics

Mickey Mouse Lipstick

Makeup collaborations allow two brands to join forces to create some original, stylish, and limited-edition beauty gold. Such is the case with the Disney Mickey Mouse and Bésame Cosmetics collection. Can you believe Mickey Mouse has been around for 90 years? He is emblazoned on two adorable lipsticks and a mirror from the collab. We love the red lipstick but have to shout out the sheer blackberry Ink and Paint.

Mickey Mouse Lipstick, $24, Besame Cosmetics

The Blushing Rose Moisturizing Hand Cream

We all need to be moisturized and are often reaching for the hand lotion to keep our manos looking youthful. We want all the beauty items we reach for on the regular to look beautiful and leave us looking beautiful. Bésame’s The Blushing Rose Hand Cream will reduce blemishes, even skin tone, and improve skin that is damaged — all in the prettiest throwback tube.

The Blushing Rose Moisturizing Hand Cream, $18, Besame Cosmetics

1940-Black Cream Mascara

Photo: Besame Cosmetics

The next Bésame Cosmetics product we are going to shout out is their 1940-Black Cream Mascara. It’s perfect for professional makeup artists since you can squeeze the makeup onto a mascara wand, eliminating contamination and waste. It allows you to control how much you use, and the product delivers a glossy finish.

1940-Black Cream Mascara, $20, Besame Cosmetics

Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush

Photo: Besame Cosmetics

The 1930s is the inspiration behind Bésame Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush. The beauty tool is meant to buff cream or powder onto the skin and is designed to look like similar brushes of the decade. While the powder brush is sold out on Bésame’s website, we found it available at Dermstore.

Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush, $48, Dermstore

Snow White’s Pies Lip Balm Trio

Bésame Cosmetics’ Snow White Collection was the perfect homage to the 1937 Disney classic. The colors were exact copies of what was used in the animation, and the artwork is Disney at its best. Who doesn’t want great beauty products that also happen to have adorable packaging? This trio of lip balms are inspired by the pies Snow White baked for the Seven Dwarfs. Adorable.

Snow White’s Pies Lip Balm Trio, $18, Besame Cosmetics

1920-Besame Red

We couldn’t forget the classic Bésame red lipstick shade, Besame Red. A true replica of the red lipstick colors of the 1920s. The cool, blue-toned true red has a semi-matte finish and a bold hue that gives off total flapper girl vibes. The best part about this color, and all of Bésame Cosmetics’ products is that they are classic products that won’t go out of style, having lasted the test of time.

1920-Besame Red, $22, Besame Cosmetics

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