Bold Eye Makeup Tutorials for Holiday Parties

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Bold Eye Makeup Tutorials

Rather than wearing your go-to eye shadow and mascara pairing for this season’s gatherings, why not go bold with a bright, feisty eye color? If your answer to that is “because I don’t know how”check out the following tutorials. These helpful beauty hacks can help you get the most bang for your dazzling dollar during the busiest times of the year.

For Christmas try a Glamorous Glittery Eye Look:

  1. Start your glittered eye-shadow look with a primer, or concealer. Without a good base your shadows won’t blend properly causing them to look unnatural.
  2. Blend in a light and neutral toned shadow all over your clean eyes.
  3. Apply a darker shade into the crease of your eye, blend the shadow upward.
  4. Blend the shadows with a blending brush.
  5. Lightly dip a blending brush into a glittered shadow like Sephora’s Colorful N.82 Hollywood’s CallingGolden Glitter, then apply the shadow from the middle of the lid outward and up to the crease.
  6. Use a sharp eyeliner pencil on the interior lower and upper lash line to highlight your eye shape while letting the glittery shadow to shine.

And, finally for a fierce New Year’s look try Gorgeous Loose Sparkles:

  1. Start with a creamy shimmery eye shadow on clean eyes as your base. The beauty bloggers at StyleCaster recommend creamy eye-shadows, “because they are easy to apply, you can use any eye-shadow brush or even your fingertips! And, they have long-lasting superpowers and come in hundreds of different creamy or shimmery shades!”
  2. Apply eyeliner along the inner top lash line.
  3. Then apply a liquid glitter base product (like LIT Clearly Liquid Glitter Base) on the ball of the eye by dabbing it with your finger.
  4. Now tap a small amount of loose glitter onto a piece of tissue paper. Lightly dab your finger into the glitter, shake off any excess to ensure you’re applying only a thin layer.
  5. Place a fresh tissue under your eye, and dab the loose glitter onto your eye.
  6. Finish this look with black mascara.
  7. Make sure it lasts all night by setting the look with a makeup setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter.




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