Brighten Your Home With These Lighting Tips

HipLatina LightAfter a long day, the last thing that you want is to feel is uncomfortable in your own home, so we thought we’d help you with your home decor lighting conundrums. Consider these items for a brighter and more comfortable home.

Form Meets Function

Let your room’s layout and purpose help with lighting design. Function and form work hand-in-hand when lighting your home. In order to brighten a space without a lighting blowout, use furniture and set-up as a barometer. Balance ambient lighting carefully with overhead light, and make sure overhead lights never shine directly over the heads of your guests. Kitchens benefit from overhead lights for cleaning and cooking purposes, while bedrooms and living rooms should have softer, more relaxing light schemes.

Multiple Light Sources

For a brighter living area, never rely on a single source of light. If the room in question only has one source of light, consider adding another. Because, not only does the extra light help create comfort, it also allows choice. So, for example, if you only have a single overhead light, consider adding a few table or floor lamps as alternatives. There may be a situation where having more (or less) light makes all the difference.

Adjust Wall Colors

Consider room color when adjusting light placement. You may find that a brighter or darker paint color on the walls is all that you need. For example, when a room is on the darker side, a floor lamp might just appear as a spotlight against the paint color. Whereas, when the room is a lighter color, the bulb’s output will extend greatly around the room. Our advice, move floor lamps next to walls that are lighter for a fuller room lighting effect.




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