20 Brujas That You Need to Follow on Instagram

bruja, instagram, energy work, healers, witches

photo: @meganxeal

Through the ages, brujas have gotten a bad rap — to say the least. Luckily many of the myths and terrible stereotypes are starting to die off with the accessibility of social media. And while there might never be total mainstream acceptance — people are finally able to see that being bad and bruja isn’t necessarily what they thought it was. Far from the images of white women dancing naked in the woods and getting burned at the stake by people in tacky outfits, today’s IG brujas are fly chingonas breaking stereotypes, as well as boundaries. These women are more than just a lot of hocus-pocus. They have Ph.D’s, they do dietary work, they align chakras, they inspire us with their energetic readings and their musings about life, health, and healing. But more importantly, they teach us to embrace, heal or even radically change things about ourselves through their work.




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