The Burrito Blanket is Taking the Country By Storm

We love a good burrito. There’s no other way around it. Burritos are a beloved food that is craved by all! If you’d like some evidence of that just take a look at this statistic published in Mic that states, 72 percent of millennials averaged two to three burritos per week. That means people eat about 8-12 burritos per month or a full 72-144 burritos per year. Incredible, right?! So, if people love burritos so much, how else could these bundles of joy be incorporated into our everyday life? Well, someone has found a way and now burritos are just taking over our entire life.

The image of the blanket burrito first hit Reddit and it went viral within hours.

People on social media could not believe a burrito blanket existed, and not only that but that it actually looked like a real tortilla. The burrito blanket features burn marks just like the real thing and aren’t full-on white, but comes in a beige/brown color that gives us that nostalgic warmness that only a tortilla can bring.

Once we realized we had to have this blanket, we found out that more than one company sells these hot items. In fact, a slew of online retailers is selling variations of the burrito blanket.

One of the most popular vendors is Zen Life. People can also get on Amazon. The burrito blankets don’t just come in human size either but for little babies too. And, for those that live an unconventional burrito life, burritos blankets also come in the shape of a rectangular wrap. Yes, the whole thing is a bit insane, but how can you not love it? So, whether you’re into a throw blanket, a blanket for the bed, a wrap-around blanket, or a snuggly, there are burrito blankets for all.

Let’s see how people on social media are handling the burrito blanket craze.

Abby Hargreaves ‏said on Twitter, “Get a guy who surprises you with a burrito blanket.”

There are some people who are going further and using the burrito blankets as bed covers.

Now the question remains, will you buy a burrito blanket for yourself or for your loved one? Just get two and call it a day.




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