This Is How a Car Accident Led to a Viral Kat Von D Eyeliner Review

When researching any product, most people check out the reviews. From time to time, there’ll be a review that will give you that last assurance on whether to buy some or not. Such was the case when a student was trying to find the best eyeliner. On one of her hunts, she came across a review by a woman that made her stop in her tracks and realize this eye liner was the winner.

The tweet quickly went viral and put a 10-month old review in the spotlight.

Here’s the scary accident that happened to Shelby Pagan, a 25-year-old emergency room registered nurse, that made her give Kat Von D‘s eyeliner a stellar review.

“On Wednesday June 28th I was parked on the side of a highway, with my hazards on, calling for roadside assistance because I ran out of gas,” she wrote in an Instagram post shared shortly after her accident. “While on the phone for help I was hit by a driver going 56mph. I was treated in the ER for a cervical strain, closed head injury, knee contusion and forehead lacerations. I consider myself lucky to have walked away from the accident relatively unhurt and alive. The reason the other driver hit me is still not known. But I have my life and am surrounded by such great friends, coworkers and family. Mahalo nui loa to the paramedics, doctors and everyone else who helped me.”

Here’s the actual review she left on the website:

“I was in a car accident and my eyeliner didn’t budge This product is truly amazing. June 28th I was pulled over in my car calling for roadside assistance when a distracted driver hit me going 55mph. I was taken via ambulance to the ER where I remained for 8 hours. My mascara was running down my face from crying and all other products had been wiped off in the transfer to the hospital. But not my tattoo eyeliner. I am posting a pick to show you, this product lasts and looks amazing through anything. Never buying any other liner again.”

On the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram, Pagan’s review was also highlighter:

Here is Pegan today!

Pegan did reply to Lahari’s original tweet, saying: “Lololol it’s me, girl, when you find a good product, you have to share the info.” And also tweeted, “Everyone’s hating on my review because I posted a picture of the makeup after the accident: 1. I took the photo for police evidence 2. But have you ever seen such a good eyeliner?! ….you’re welcome.”




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