Check Out These 5 DIY Beauty Hacks on YouTube

Ladies! If you are spending all of your money at the spa or hair salon, on anti-aging creams, or the countless doodads marketed to women as The End All of Makeup Application Harmony, please just stop. Most of it is a ruse. You can do it yourself a lot better.

Curly Hair Routine by SunKissAlba
Having curly hair can be a great mystery. To be honest, I still haven’t quite figured mine out. Some days it’s soft, frizzless ringlets. Other days it’s tangled and dry with lots of knots. It can be limp, poofy, greasy, fried, wild, falling out, sexy, stringy. Think of an adjective or emotion, and my hair has probably embodied that at some point. Don’t fret, fellow curly-haireds! We’ve got in-depth videos like this one to offer some guidance.




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