Chicago Street Style: Fall 2015 Fashion in the Windy City

Windy CityWhen most people think of Chicago, they think of pizza, cold weather, and an iconic skyline… but Chicago also has an eclectic street fashion worth exploring—it’s a mix of business chic and casual funk, and a whole lot of fun to snap photos of.

Some friends and I took a quick 48 hour trip to the “windy city” and we were fortunate enough to capture some of that street style while visiting and being tourist ourselves.

On that warm September day you could feel the season transitions slowly taking place. It was warm enough to wear shorts but cold enough to wear a slouchy beanie. Living in sunny San Diego, I took advantage of the beanie as pictured below under the “bean.”

THipLatinaCouplehere were women and men in everything from flip flops to combat boots. Beanies, couples in fedoras, and groups of women in scarfs could be seen. Monochromatic and bright, bold statements were all part of the threads

sprinkled throughout the city blocks. No single style was overwhelming—rather, people chose from a wide rane of clothes, choosing one fall 2015 trendy piece and pairing it with a classic jean or jacket. The crowd offered a splendid mix of cultural diversity.

Photo Credit – Vanessa Diaz

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