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Araceli Cruz

Araceli Cruz is a freelance journalist living in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She’s covered Latinx topics at Mitú and Vivala, and has written for publications such as The Village VoiceGOOD Magazine, and Rolling Stone, among others.

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Here’s Why We’re Going to London Just for Frida Kahlo

London here we come! The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will be featuring one of the most insightful exhibitions on…

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Couple Killed In Car Accident After Trying to Flee from Immigration Officials

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National Geographic Admits Their Coverage Has Been Racist For Decades

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Who Owns Frida Kahlo? In Barbie Dispute Family Clashes Over Rights

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We Celebrate International Women’s Day Today and Everyday

Women rock. There’s just no other way to say it. We get sh*t done. We’re vulnerable human beings that endure…

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Barbie Transformed Frida Kahlo Into A Doll And I Hate It, Here’s Why

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Man Gets Detained By Immigration After Ex-Girlfriend Reported Him

Crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t just a show, but can easily apply to a woman who’s beyond deranged and sick. According to…

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Despite Latinx Representation, the Oscars Are Still Too Damn White

Watching the Oscars last night, you may have thought ‘damn, there’s so much diversity this year’! ‘There’s so many Black…




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