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Araceli Cruz

Araceli Cruz is a freelance journalist living in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She’s covered Latinx topics at Mitú and Vivala, and has written for publications such as The Village VoiceGOOD Magazine, and Rolling Stone, among others.

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ICE Is Arresting Sponsors of Detained Children Who Are Undocumented Immigrants

With the thousands of children currently in immigration detention, one of the most helpful things that can be provided for…

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Latinx Twitter Appropriately Slammed the 2018 Emmys For Lack of Diversity

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Latina Author Confronts Steve Bannon On Immigration, Then Presents Him With Her Book

Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon isn’t well-liked, to say the least. The conservative political figure and former executive chairman…

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Police Say Border Patrol Agent Who Murdered Four Women Is A Serial Killer

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Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar Wins New York State Primary Election

Well, we were wrong. Despite having a very complicated and controversial campaign, 27-year-old democratic socialist Julia Salazar has won the…




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