Breonna Rodriguez

Breonna is a writer and art director living in New York, that’s addicted to cheese, carbs and loves to eat paleo. Go figure. She also loves to encourage conscious and joyful living in her weekly newsletter on

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HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Start the Week of June 25th

After last week’s new moon in Gemini, the planets are really fired up to make some big statements this week….


HipLatina Horoscope: Week of June 18th

Summertime is here this week and the planets are all lined up to bring in the good vibes. This can…

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HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 11th

After the full moon in Sagittarius, and all the crazy emotions that rose out of the woodworks this weekend, many…

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HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 4th

There are so many planetary themes happening this week that call for us all to take a minute and just…

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5 Crystals That Will Help You Boost Confidence and Fix Your Love Life

Are you ready for the best summer of your life? According to the planetary alignments, you should be — as…

new moon in gemini HipLatina

The New Moon in Gemini Wants Your Attention

Aye Dios. Just a quick flip through your Twitter moments will tell you that the time for bullshit has expired….

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This Is Why You Should Stop Buying Cheap Toys for the Bedroom

Shopping for your a sex toy is always a bit of a challenge. Which vibrator is right for you? What’s the…

May's Full Moon HipLatina

What To Expect From May’s Full Moon: The Flower Moon in Scorpio

Imagine yourself at a comedy club and watching Mercury Retrograde perform on stage for about three weeks. It goes as…

dealing with anxiety HipLatina

5 Drug-Free Ways to Conquer Anxiety

Anxiety is the Milo Yiannopoulos of all illnesses: it doesn’t listen to logic. It doesn’t care about your feelings. It’s…

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