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How to Choose a Scary Movie for Your Kid HipLatina

How to Choose a Scary Movie for Your Kid

Scariness comes from fear of the unknown, from surprise, and from fears about the loss of a loved one. Different…

Explaining the News to Our Kids

Explaining the News to Our Kids During Difficult Times

If it bleeds, it leads. The old newsroom adage about milking stories for sensationalism seems truer than ever today. And…

Handy Manny bilingual show

5 Bilingual TV Shows for Preschoolers

If you want your kids to speak both English and Spanish, the following bilingual TV shows can support your efforts…

Elena of Avalor

5 Latino-Ish Shows for Families

If you want proof that America has moved beyond Leave It to Beaver, look at today’s prime-time TV lineup. The success…

optimistic kid with mom

How to Raise an Optimistic Human in a Pessimistic World

If you’re raising kids today, it can be easy to focus on the negative. And it’s no wonder: Thanks to the…

back to school

18 Questions to Ask on Back-to-School Night

Students heading to school this year may be the most technically savvy, media-aware bunch ever. YouTube, Minecraft, and even MythBusters are being used to…

Let’s Face It: Gender Stereotypes Are Messing With Your Kids

Gender stereotypes are messing with your kid. It’s not just one movie. It’s not just one TV show. It’s constant…

Dream Big podcast

20 Best Podcasts You’ll Want to Listen to With Your Kids

What if something out there had your kid begging you to turn off the TV or tablet, put away the…

girl at computer

6 Research-Backed Sites and Apps That Can Boost Your Kid’s Report Card

For many parents and kids grading season isn’t the slam-dunk, high-five, fist-bumping celebration you were hoping for. But you don’t need to…

Andi Mack

Summer TV Shows You Can Feel Good About Your Kids Watching

When you think about summertime, you might think about swimming, camping, bike riding, and other outdoor fun. The reality is…

family enjoying an outdoor picnic

Summer Boredom Busters the Whole Family Will Love

Feel like you’re running out of ideas to keep your kids entertained in the dog days of summer? Look no further….

kids playing educational games on iPads

10 Great K–5 Learning Games for Your Child

For elementary school-age kids who are diving into a variety of topics and practicing new skills, websites are a great…

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