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Why We Need More (and Better!) Research on Kids and Tech

News about gaming disorders, depression linked to social media use, and the right amount of screen time can leave parents with more questions than…

Apple Parental Controls HipLatina

What Apple’s New iOS 12 Parental Controls Mean for You

If you’ve been shopping around for parental controlsto help manage your kids’ Apple devices, you might want to put on…

How to teach kids how to become better readers HipLatina

11 Ways To Help Your Children Become Exceptional Reader

Kids reading is something to celebrate. But if your kid’s an advanced reader—a preschooler who’s already reading, or an elementary…

Managing your kid's online activities HipLatina

How To Help Manage Your Kid’s Online Activities

Last year Fortnite invaded my middle school classroom—as I believe it did to middle school classrooms across the country. Students who were…

Video games your kids should player after school HipLatina

Video Games You Can Say Yes To After School

It’s a modern-day dilemma: Do you ban gaming during the school week in hopes it will encourage more studying? Or…

How to Talk to Teens About Dealing with Online Predators HipLatina

How To Talk To Teens About Dealing With Online Predators

We might not want to think about our kids dealing with creepy people online. But for many parents, it’s the…

Kids learning to read with comics HipLatina

How Comics Helped My Kid Love Reading

When I was a kid my dad read to me every night. By age 5, I was traveling nightly through…

HipLatina KidApp

Apps That Are Stirring Up Trouble in Your Kids’ Schools

Ask any middle or high school teacher about their classroom frustrations, and you’ll probably hear “cellphones.” Makes sense. Today, 95 percent…

5 ways Rules HIpLatina

5 Ways To Bring Rules Back After Summer

If you and your kids went a little overboard on screen-time this summer, you’re in good company. According to a Harris…

Why the Best Parental Control Is You Hiplatina

Why the Best Parental Control Is You

If your kid’s online, there have probably been times when you’ve wanted to track everything they’ve texted, see their entire social…

Kid app and websites HipLatina

17 Apps and Websites Kids Are Heading To After Facebook

Gone are the days of Facebook as a one-stop shop for all social-networking needs. While it may seem more complicated to…

TV shows for kids HipLatina

Summer TV You Can Feel Good About (with Activities!)

Summer means fun stuff like swimming, camping, bike riding, and … lots of TV. According to a study by Columbia University’s…




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