Guisell Gomez

Guisell Gomez is a fiery Colombian soul roaming mother earth wildly in search of new opportunities to learn and grow. Consequently, Guisell has pursued different fields throughout her life. She once trained as an EMT because she was curious to know the behind-the-scenes of a medical emergency. She also studied Family Child Care and Child Development, becoming a passionate Child Care Specialist.

She vividly recalls numerous summers spent working as a Media Service Specialist Aide carefully organizing a library’s Dewey Decimal System, all alone with books. This brought indescribable joy to her. Guisell takes pride in her eclectic ways and wants to continue pushing the envelope.

Currently, she is the editor-in-chief for the award-winning Literary and Arts magazine, Urbana, which she thoroughly enjoys. Since she has always believed that knowledge is power, she is also back in school to acquire an English and Mass Communications degree from Florida International University. Follow her blog at

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