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How to Teach Your Kids Life Skills You Don’t Have

Nobody is perfect. Every parent’s dream is to help their children achieve what they couldn’t. We are acutely aware of…

Career Woman HipLatina

Introducing HipLatina’s Career Strategies Series

Working in America has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Our projects require more mental effort, less hard labor;…

Overcommited HipLatina

Overcommitted? Here Are Some Good Time Management Tips

If you are overcommitted, your first line of defense is to learn to use the word “no.” Practice saying it…

What is Feng Shui? How to Create an Anti-Aging Home from a Qimag Feng Shui Master

In my first article I explained about the fast aging effect caused by a tensed body. This piece will take you through…

Yoga Sunset HipLatina

Why Trying Yoga Can Change Your Life

Over 36 million Americans already count yoga as one of their regular activities, with another 80 million likely to try…

Money HipLatina

Is Your Future Financially Secure?

Saying that women and financial strategies are like oil and water is not sexist. It just may be true given…

Money HipLatina

Wondering How Your Bank Account Compares With Your Friends’?

It’s natural to be curious about other people’s finances, and how you compare at each stage of life. However, this…

Buy or Rent Hip latina

The Pros and Cons of Renting or Buying a Home

Many of us grow up thinking of home ownership as a cultural ideal—an indicator that we’ve “made it,” and have…

Following Your Instincts to Share Ideas in the Workplace

When is the best time to speak up to your boss? Should you wait until the “right moment,” or is…

Planning Family Vacation HipLatina

Tips for Planning Your Next Family Vacation

If you think putting together a complex trip is the kind of organizational nightmare that’ll make you feel like you’re…

Leadership HipLatina

The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Strong Leadership

When employers promote or hire someone for a leadership role, they usually look for someone who is knowledgeable, who can…

Audrya Flores HipLatina

Artist Audrya Flores Reworks Recycled Materials to Create Tangible Expression

Audrya Flores combines her paintings with various recycled and discarded materials, collages, assemblages, other embellishments, thick cardboard colored paper rescued…




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