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8 Mini Desserts to Make This Thanksgiving HipLatina

8 Mini Dessert Ideas Your Guests Will Love This Thanksgiving

After we’ve stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving it can be hard to even think about dessert, but you know we…

4 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress HipLatina

4 Simple, Yet Effective Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be relaxing, joyous and fun, but for millions of Americans they bring stress, anxiety and…

Mini Pumpkin Dessert HipLatina
We are Cocina HipLatina Sugar Skull

9 of Our Favorite Instagram Sugar Skull Creations

The best part of Dia de los Muertos just might be the beautiful and delicious tradition of sugar skull decorating….

Artist Soraida Martinez Continues Her Quest to Promote Hope and Tolerance Through Work

It is not often that you come across an artist that has created his or her own genre of art….

How to Negotiate a Raise HipLatina

Tips for Negotiating a Raise: Ask For It, Ladies

A lot of people stay stuck with the same salary for years for fear of negotiating a raise—don’t let it…

Nanibah Chacon HipLatina Feature

Nanibah Chacon Uses Her Art to Point Out Injustices Against Women of Color

Nanibah “Nani” Chacon, a Diné/Xicana artist from New Mexico, is using her art to place a spotlight on the injustices…

churro Wedding cake

9 Latin Desserts That Make Delicious Wedding Cakes

This article originally appeared on Pop Sugar and was written by Emilia Benton The cake is often one of the…

Stylish Cork Cosmetics Bag | Giveaway

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Wine Group Cheers Hiplatina

Wine Lovers, Take Note: The Journey from Grape to Glass

Did you ever stop to think about the complex aromas and flavors in your glass of wine? How did the…

Wine 5 Things HipLatina

5 Things You Need to Know About Wine

Growing into wine appreciation can wake us up to many sensory details we would otherwise miss. You may, for example,…

Fun with Ice Cubes Hiplatina

Easy Last Minute DIY Ideas for Your Labor Day Party

Another summer is coming to end. If you are making the best of it by having a family and friends…

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