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Hispanicize 2017

Hispanicize 2017 Represented the Best of Latinx Influencers and Trendsetters

The team at Hispanicize sets the bar higher and higher, year after year. The new venue JW Marquis Marriott, inaugural…

World Cup soccer player HIpLatina

Is the World Cup Coming to North America in 2026?

Recent events have left us scratching our heads as we have witnessed events, situations, and leaders demonstrating a less inclusive…

pink full moon

Channel Tonight’s Pink Full Moon to Let Go of Pain and Suffering

We’re already a quarter-way through 2017 (crazy, right?!) and we are all looking for ways to move forward with a…

Environment HipLatina

10 Things You Can Do Today to Help The Environment

An issue as huge as the future of the planet can become overwhelming to the point where all you want…

beautiful travel places HipLatina

The 25 Most Beautiful Places See and Experience

Shared from the wolliproject on YouTube We are always searching for the most beautiful places to visit, experience, or watch on…

yoga routine hiplatina

Top 10 Ways to Escape Your Routine with Bonus Playlist

Ten ways to escape (from your routine) this month on a budget. These suggestions offer ways to change up your…

Derailing Diet HipLatina

5 Ways To Enjoy Dining Out without Derailing Your Diet

Picture this: you’ve finally made the decision to follow a diet and you’ve done your homework and established all the…

Best Brush Feature makeup

#FAB Friday How to Clean Your Makeup and Brushes

From our archives: Many people worry about cross-contamination when using beauty products. Considering the amount of money we spend on…

Susie's Packing List HipLatina

Chef Susie’s RV Trip Packing Menu

As a private chef, my husband Doug (an avid bowhunter) and I love the flexibility we have to hit the…

Revamp Wardrobe HIplatina

How to Revamp Your Wardrobe with the Law of Attraction

We’ve all been there: you wake up in the morning and just don’t feel like your sexy self. You try…

Byankah Soba Amor HipLatina

Best of Monday Madness + Motivation Tips

Motivation Tips & Favorites found on Pinterest We all need a little boost on Mondays and acknowledgment we survived the weekend. #MondayMotivation…

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