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cinnamule Beach Whiskey HIpLaitna

6 Summer Cocktails Trending on Tuesday

From the beautiful New York Sour to the Cinna-Mule and the Aguardiente Sour, summer is here and these cocktails will…

Non-Profits Benefit When You Eat & Drink at Sabor del Valle!

Friday, July 21st, Sabor del Valle will be holding it’s annual fundraiser and raising money for disadvantaged youth in the…

Summer Salad Favorites HipLatina

7 Healthy and Refreshing Summer Salad Options to Enjoy on a Hot Day

Rebounding from a hot summer weekend all I want to do is have a healthy, easy, and tasty salad. Many…

Sabor Del Valle 2016 HipLatina

Sabor del Valle Fundraiser Shines Spotlight on Latino Winemakers

The 8th Annual Sabor del Valle is a family-friendly fundraiser that celebrates local restaurateurs and award-winning Latino and boutique vintners….

deviled eggs

9 Deviled Egg Creations That Look Too Good to Eat – Almost!

Deviled eggs are a great option to bring to a family event or potluck brunch. The ways to dress up…

Breakfast Jar HipLatina

6 Healthy Mason Jar Meals That You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

Making delicious meals for those days that you’re constantly on the go, is not as hard as you think. You…

Easy Healthy Dill Dressing

Easy Healthy Homemade Dill Dressing

This recipe will yield 1 cup of tasty and healthy dill dressing. You can use it on salads or as…

Make Money Side Hustle HipLatina

Tips to Supercharge Your Side Hustle

These days we all need a little ‘side hustle’. It’s best to find a side hustle that takes advantage of…

Hispanicize 2017

Hispanicize 2017 Represented the Best of Latinx Influencers and Trendsetters

The team at Hispanicize sets the bar higher and higher, year after year. The new venue JW Marquis Marriott, inaugural…

World Cup soccer player HIpLatina

Is the World Cup Coming to North America in 2026?

Recent events have left us scratching our heads as we have witnessed events, situations, and leaders demonstrating a less inclusive…

pink full moon

Channel Tonight’s Pink Full Moon to Let Go of Pain and Suffering

We’re already a quarter-way through 2017 (crazy, right?!) and we are all looking for ways to move forward with a…

Environment HipLatina

10 Things You Can Do Today to Help The Environment

An issue as huge as the future of the planet can become overwhelming to the point where all you want…

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