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Frida Movie Latinx Films HipLatina

11 Latinx Films To Stream in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, maybe pamper yourself a bit, and watch a movie at home. And…

Rigoberta Menchu Women's History Month

5 Latinas You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15 and continues until October 15. It’s a month where people recognize and honor the…

Historical Latinas in entertainment HipLatina

5 Latinas Who Have Rocked the World of Entertainment

Hispanic Heritage month kicks off today and in honor, we took a look at some groundbreaking ladies who have made history through…

Fun with Ice Cubes Hiplatina

Easy Last Minute DIY Ideas for Your Labor Day Party

It’s officially Labor Day today and it’s just another reminder that summer will soon be coming to end. If you…

Why You Should Read More HipLatina

7 Reasons To Cultivate A Reading Habit

A few weekends ago I stopped by a book sale while beach vacationing with my friends. I wasn’t as excited…

Easy DIY, Low Cost or No Cost Kitchen Improvements

Remodeling the kitchen is a popular home improvement project these days, but it is important to think things through before…

DIY Succulent Cement Planter Favorite HipLatina

5 DIY Succulent Projects for Your Weekend

DIY Succulent Favorites We love succulents! They are easy to plant, transplant, and maintain, making these cute cacti the best…

HipLatina Travel Feature

#W2W Travel Mavens from HipLatina + Beyond

This week we bring you four intrepid Latina travelers who document their adventures on fantastic blogs and social media pages….

Easy DIY Garden HIpLatina

Easy DIY Garden Favorites You Can Do On Saturday

Air plants are another returning 70s trend, like suede shoes. Once vintage chic, these versatile plants are enjoyed for their…

Fairy Castle Cacti HipLatina

DIY Gardening: Caring for Fairy Castle Cacti

Experts can’t agree on the scientific names of this cactus. Is it Acanthocereus tetragonus, or Cereus hildmannianus? Is its subspecies…

How to Plan the Perfect Latecation

The Art of the Latecation: How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip

Are you just waking up and catching the travel bug this summer? While everyone at work seems to be on…

Self Motivation Monday HipLatina Rules

Motivation Monday: 5 Simple Rules for Overhauling Your Life

We all sometimes need a wake-up call to realize we’ve gotten off track, that our lives are not going to…




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