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Celebrate Gay Pride With These Badass LGBTQ Latinx Trailblazers

[/tps_header] With all of its glitter, rainbow glory, dazzling processions, and eye candy, gay pride month has made yet another June that…

Juan Gabriel RIP HIpLatina

#TBT: Latin Songs From The 2000s We’ll Always Love

Today there a lot of talented musicians producing exciting and unique sounds. And we love to bring them to you…

Best of Monday Madness + Motivation Tips

Motivation Tips & Favorites found on Pinterest We all need a little boost on Mondays and acknowledgment we survived the weekend. #MondayMotivation…

Healthy Food Swaps HipLatina

Try These Detox Tips to Jump-Start a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a bit of a paradox: good food is made to be enjoyed and sharing meals is a major way…

LaFourcade BottleRock HipLatina

Natalia LaFourcade’s Performance at BottleRock Was Important To The Latinx Community

Many of us saw Natalia LaFourcade and Miguel perform the Oscar-winning song “Remember Me” at the 2018 Grammy Awards and…

5 Latino Foodie YouTube Channels That Will Have You Eating Out of the Palm of Their Hands

What exactly is it about foodie video footage featuring the mundane details of bringing a recipe to life that feels…

BottleRock 2018 HipLatina

4 Artists We Can NOT Wait To See at BottleRock Napa Valley

BOTTLEROCK 2018 has finally arrived—literally and figuratively.  The music festival has now become the hot spot destination to be at…

5 Easy Changes To Make For A Healthy Family Lifestyle

[/tps_header] Staying healthy and fit as a family doesn’t need to be a hard task. Having options—for family exercise, activities,…

Using TV to Perfect Your Spanish: #MásQueTelenovelas

If you’re a non-native Spanish speaker like me, you may feel like you’ve mastered speaking, reading, or writing the language…

How to Teach Your Kids Life Skills You Don’t Have

Nobody is perfect. Every parent’s dream is to help their children achieve what they couldn’t. We are acutely aware of…

Career Woman HipLatina

Introducing HipLatina’s Career Strategies Series

Working in America has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Our projects require more mental effort, less hard labor;…

Overcommited HipLatina

Overcommitted? Here Are Some Good Time Management Tips

If you are overcommitted, your first line of defense is to learn to use the word “no.” Practice saying it…




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