Jennifer Hernandez


Jennifer Hernández

Jennifer Hernández is a bilingual Mexican American who aspires to be a Motivational Speaker and well known Actress. She enjoys staying active which is what made her become a kickboxing instructor at ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM. Here is where she gets to motivate individuals and help them achieve their fitness goals along with her achieve her own.

She wants to be your guide through daily life. All of us go through difficult situations in life and Jennifer is here to let you know it is ok. What ever you maybe going through others are as well and there is many ways to cope with it all. She wants to aspire you to be the best you can be. Whether it is within your career goals or just daily life.

Jennifer studied Broadcasting communications at Columbia College Chicago and has worked for Univision Chicago, both TV station and radio station. She is Talent for BMG Talent in Chicago.

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