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Jessica Molina

Jessica Molina is an insatiably curious, supremely talkative host, writer, and producer. Named a Latina on the Verge of a Breakthrough by LatinoBuzz and’s Most Ambitious Host, Jessica continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to quality content both in front of and behind the camera.

She started producing content for various sites and returned to her journalism roots when she joined KollideTV, a platform focused on empowering marginalized and often underrepresented audiences. Jessica has since worked with and, she  now Senior Digital Producer for, a lifestyle site for the modern and acculturated Latinas. She relishes the opportunity to write content across multiple verticles including politics, culture, science, lifestyle, and entertainment. In keeping with her bold, curious, and opionated personality, Jessica has also started creating videos around trending political and social issues with a bit of fun and of course, a ton of sass.

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