Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a plus-size style blogger and body positive advocate. Her mission is to empower women and abolish absurd beauty standards held in society. Her blog is filled with fashion advice, personal anecdotes of self-growth tips and inspiration. Jessica has worked with brands like DOVE, where she was featured and celebrated for dedicating her life and career to body positivity, fashion, and beauty. She has spoken on various panels including “The Rise of The Real Girl” in fashion and beauty at SXSW.

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Gaining weight and body positivity HipLatina

I’m A Body Positive Activist Who Gained Weight and Was Shamed For It

I wasn’t supposed to be a body positive advocate. When I started my plus-size style blog,  it was meant to…

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5 Things That Taught Me How To Love My Fat Body

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The Body Positivity Movement Does NOT Cause Obesity

One of the first negative comments I’ve received after posting a full-body picture online was that I was “promoting obesity.”…

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This Is What It Really Looks Like When You Quit Your Job To Become A Full-Time Influencer

Ten years ago the idea of making a living out of being an “influencer” didn’t exist. Today I travel the world,…

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12 Things To Know About Plus-Size Colombian Model Natalia Lorenzo

Recently plus-size model Natalia Lorenzo went viral on Twitter. The model was praised for showing off her back chichos in…

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I’m a Size 20 and I Tried SAVAGE X FENTY Lingerie By Rihanna

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Our writer purchased the products herself and wrote her real experience with the…

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22 Plus-Size Swimsuits That Will Make You Slay This Summer

There’s nothing like celebrating summer by enjoying a nice day on the beach. For many women, that means sporting stylish…

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These Two Girl Bosses Are Bringing Latinx-Owned Fashion Brands To The U.S.

No matter where you are in the world, you can spot a Latinx. So many of us love to incorporate…

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20 Plus-Size Outfits That Will Make You Want To Show Off Skin This Summer

Before I learned that I could be fat and stylish, summer was a rough time.  Trying to stay cool in…

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I Tried Rosehip Oil For a Week To Cure My Rosacea—This Is How My Skin Looks Now!

  Putting your best face forward is harder than it sounds when one of your biggest insecurities lies in your…

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8 Nail Trends That You’ll Want To rock All Spring and Summer

Latinas don’t know how to be basic. Those of us who chose to express our personality with fashion and beauty…




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