Johanna Ferreira

Johanna is a multimedia content creator, Latina lifestyle expert, and writer. Born and raised in Queens, she now resides in Brooklyn. Currently working as Hiplatina’s Deputy Editor, she has worked for media outlets including Latina, Vivala and Mamaslatinas, where she worked as their beauty and lifestyle writer and producer. When she’s not creating content or editing stories, she’s organizing and hosting events and panels throughout NYC that aim to bring awareness and empowerment to women in the community. 

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Asia Argento Made A Deal To Pay Off Her Own Sexual Assault Accuser HipLatina

#MeToo Leader Asia Argento Tried To Pay Off Her Own Accuser and It’s Not Too Surprising

For many of us women, we will never forget October 2017. It was the month that dozens of women in…

Vitamin C and WOC

Why WOC Should Be Incorporating Vitamin C into Their Skincare Routines

Whenever I tell someone I’ve had my appendix removed a few years ago they hardly believe me—especially if they’ve seen…

Mattel Made A Barbie Honoring Laurie Hernandez and This Is Amazing

We’ve come a really long way from the days when Barbie Dolls were like 99 percent white and the only…

‘La Negrada:’ Mexico’s First Fiction Film With An Entirely Black Cast HipLatina

‘La Negrada:’ Mexico’s First Fiction Film With An Entirely Black Cast

“Black Mexicans practically don’t exist,” I remember a Mexican woman defensively telling me once after I had pulled up the…

The truth about drug addiction relapse HipLatina

Here’s What We Need To Understand About Addiction Recovery and Relapse

In late July, news circulated all over the internet regarding Demi Lovato being hospitalized due to a drug overdose. The…

Beauty Bakerie HipLatina

This Is Why Beauty Bakerie’s Cake Mix Foundation Numbers Their Darkest Shades First

Like many WOC, I was beyond disappointed when I learned that BeautyBlender had launched it’s first foundation—32 shades to be…

BeautyBlender receives backlash for new foundation HipLatina

BeautyBlender Launched Its First Foundation and WOC Are NOT Impressed

When Rihanna launched her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty last year she changed the makeup game—especially for WOC—by offering 40 foundation…

Princess Nokia is helping Puerto Rico

Princess Nokia Is Doing What Our Government Failed To Do—Launching A Hurricane Maria Relief Initiative

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, the island was not only devastated but Puerto Rico’s government recently admitted…

Real Mulatta HIpLatina

Why Some Latinas are Reclaiming the Term “Mulatta”

In the states, the term mulatto comes with a lot of negative connotations. If said loudly in public, it would…

Demi Lovato overdose ‘complications’ HipLatina

Demi Lovato’s Drug Overdose ‘Complications’ Are Actually Pretty Normal

There have been a lot of updates and muddled facts surrounding Demi Lovato’s recent overdose. For starters, we still don’t…

This Video Captures How Black immigrants Are Treated in The U.S. HipLatina

This Video Captures How Black Latinx Immigrants Are Treated in The U.S.

We live in a country built by immigrants and yet our government treats them cruelly, as if they were all…

A “White-Passing” Woman Won Colombia’s Señorita Afrodescediente Beauty Pageant and WTF? HipLatina

A “White-Passing” Woman Won Colombia’s Señorita Afrodescediente Beauty Pageant and WTF?

A few days ago, a beauty pageant held in Bogota, Colombia called Señorita Afrodescediente crowned their winner. According to Remezcla, the…




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