Kalina Black

Kalina Black, born and raised in Queens, NY, is an avid reader and budding advocate for women’s mental health, maternal & child health and mind-body-spirit connections. She further balances into the writing sphere a delicate focus on narratives and historical ties that connect to the modern day experiences of women of color. With a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies from Cornell University and Master’s of Social Work in Clinical Social Work from Boston University, Kalina has actively engaged communities, groups and individuals around mental health, stress and anxiety management, alongside community empowerment, resource & policy advocacy and racial healing circles. Since a young age, she has further enjoyed reading historical fiction novels paired with health & wellness, fitness and psychology magazines and online postings. Kalina is truly honored and humbled to be welcomed as part of the writing team and welcomes the opportunity to engage with readers around community building, asserting personal freedoms and ongoing collective healing. 

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