Kamari Chelsea

Kamari Chelsea is a life coach, producer, and talent manager who works with creative entrepreneurs in the media, entertainment, fashion, design, and other industries to navigate pathways to personal and professional success.
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Hurricane Maria HipLatina

How To Support Puerto Ricans After Hurricane Maria—From Voting to Housing

If there’s one thing that politics and weather have in common, it’s that both can be unexpectedly messy. We saw…

Latina Entrepreneurs HipLatina

5 Unexpected Latina Entrepreneurs To Watch

While it’s no secret that the Black community has made many efforts to build Black-owned entrepreneurs businesses and encourage a…

White men HipLatina

What Are White Men Feeling in The Age of Woke?

What a time to be alive. Despite the barrage of controversy our country endlessly endures under the Trump presidency, millennials…

Things to Check Your White Feminist Friends On HipLatina

3 Things to Check Your White Feminist Friends On

While recently on the hunt for a co-working space, I reached out to one of my professional freelance friends for…

LGTBQ Rockstars from 2018 Midterms HipLatina

Meet The 3 Texan LGBTQ Women Changing the Game in The 2018 Midterms

First things first: if you didn’t know by now, the 2018 midterm elections have a record number of women running…

How Cutting My Hair Healed Me From A History of Shame and Pain

Just as soon as I sat down, my stylist started snipping. A “rough cut” is what she called it, but…

#Justiceforjunior HipLatina

Can #JusticeForJunior Actually Keep Families Together?

Calls for justice in the violent murder of 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz have quieted in the wake of the 4th…

Why Latinas Need to Vote in 2018 Hiplatina

Why It’s So Important Latinxs Vote in 2018 Elections

Politics aside, each day Americans are faced with mounting moral crises—presented in the form of a new hashtag or unsettling…

How Celebrity Women of Color Teach White Women to Fight for Us Hiplatina

Are Celebrity WOC Teaching White Celebs How To Advocate for Brown Girls?

We’ve heard it before—“to whom much is given, much is expected.” But how often do we truly see it in…

How Latinas in Power Can Check Other People’s Privilege Hiplatina

How Latinas in Power Can Check Other People’s Privilege

Day after day, we’re seeing Latinas secure positions of power and demand their voices be heard. While it’s happening across…

Major Life Lessons We Learned From Jada + Will Smith Hiplatina

4 Major Life Lessons We’ve Learned from Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

Once upon a time, Will Smith represented goofy boyish charm and corny jokes—a beacon of saccharine childhood memories from a…

The Invisible Threat Behind #MeToo

Disclaimer: This article contains several spoilers to Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. Questions continue to swirl around the newly-released…




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