Kamari Chelsea

Kamari Chelsea is a life coach, producer, and talent manager who works with creative entrepreneurs in the media, entertainment, fashion, design, and other industries to navigate pathways to personal and professional success.
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Midterm Elections HipLatina

5 Mistakes to Avoid During the Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are literally only weeks away and many Americans face roadblocks to getting to the polls. For example,…

How to handle work drama HipLatina

How to Handle Work Drama Like a Boss

Throughout Season 3 of the iconic HBO hit series “Insecure,” we watched as Molly, played by comedian Yvonne Orji, finds…

What I Learned About Self-Care from Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas

As I rode the elevator up to the Joanna Vargas Salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, I smoothed my top and…

How Women Are Winning The 2018 Primaries

These days, when Barack Obama speaks the majority of Americans perk up and listen. Since the end of his presidency,…

High maintenance hair is good hair HipLatina

Why We Need To Stop Associating High Maintenance Hair With “Bad Hair”

Last year the Internet sighed a collective “aww” of sympathy when 5-year-old Ryleigh Lynne attempted to create her own YouTube…

Latinas and black women as allies HipLatina

Why Latina and Black Women Make The Best Allies

In the nineties, mainstream America had 90210, Melrose Place, and Saved by the Bell. People of color had A Different…

Shaving My Head Freed Me From Body Insecurities

A few weeks ago, I found myself on vacation feeling everything but relief, which is ironic considering travel and vacation…

The Most Political Moments of The 2018 Emmys

The 70th Prime Time Emmy Awards went down this evening, and while the celebrity fashion took center stage— idid you…

WOC and midterm elections HipLatina

What Women of Color Really Think About The Midterm Elections

Disclaimer: The author is currently the head of communications for, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization that uses technology to simplify…

Self Care

The Truth About Self-Care and Mental Health

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what self-care really means in this pervasive Instagram culture we live in. When…

Self care for women of color HipLatina

What Self Care Really Means for Women of Color

Stacking sweaters and long pants on the checkout counter of my new favorite store, Aritzia, I spy a brilliant apple…

Things to Check Your White Feminist Friends On HipLatina

3 Things to Check Your White Feminist Friends On

While recently on the hunt for a co-working space, I reached out to one of my professional freelance friends for…




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