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Mariela Rosario

Currently serving as Editor-in-Chief for, Mariela is passionate about identity, politics, and pop culture. After starting her career in TV production at Sesame Workshop and HGTV, she helped Time Inc & Essence launch Suede, the very first high-fashion magazine for women of color. Shortly after, she joined Latina magazine’s digital team where she met President Obama in 2010 and quickly got promoted to managing online editor. Since then, she has launched two sites for CafeMedia, and recently started Galchemism, an organization dedicated to empowering and encouraging women of color in arts & entertainment.

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The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give Should be Required Viewing for Young Women of Color in America

Within the first few minutes of the new Amandla Stenberg-starring drama The Hate U Give, you realize you’re going to…

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Netflix’s first foray into reality TV in Mexico, Made in Mexico is a lot of things: Dramatic, sumptuous, ridiculous, hilarious,…

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Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Ensures Women Rights Don’t Matter In the U.S.

By voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh — a man accused of sexual misconduct many times, by a variety of women,…

Donald Trump Christine Blasey Ford

Even Republicans Are Disgusted by Trump’s Taunting of Christine Blasey Ford

It says a lot about a man like President Trump, and the country that elected him president, when — in…

Raising Feminist Boys HipLatina

Bringing Up Feminist Boys in a Misogynist World

I’ve thought a lot lately about what we, as moms, can do to raise a new generation of feminist boys…

Christine Blasy Ford, Sexual Assault

Why We Can’t Stay Silent About Sexual Assault Anymore

Today is sworn testimony before Congress, Christine Blasey Ford told the assembled Senators that even though she was “terrified” about…

Raising MultiRacial children HIpLatina

Raising Proud Afro-Latinx and Multi-Racial Children

Let me scream it extra loud so y’all can hear me in the back: LATINO IS NOT A RACE. Latinos…

America Ferrera #TimesUp HipLatina

America Ferrera Believes Christine Blasey Ford & We All Should Too

The Time’s Up crew has joined forces with the Me Too movement to tell everyone in the United States that…

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Bruno Mars is Giving Props to Cardi B on 24K Tour

Bruno Mars and Cardi B hit it off when they recorded “Finesse,” so much so that he invited the trap…

Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Derailed By Sexual Assault Accuser Going Public

There is a certain type of bravery you need to possess in order to go public with a personal story…

Sunny Hostin The View HipLatina

Sunny Hostin Calls Trump an “Illegitimate President” For Downplaying Deaths in Puerto Rico

Sunny Hostin took President Trump to TASK on The View today for trying to downplay the deaths in Puerto Rico…

Millions of Water Bottles Were Never Distributed in Puerto Rico Post Hurricane Maria

Coming up on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, a tireless advocate for Puerto Rico…




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