Olga Maria Czarkowski

Olga Maria is a New York City based travel and lifestyle Latina Writer. Through her blogazines, and more recently, her aim is to inspire women to consider living more adventurous lives by embarking on journeys of self-discovery and curiosity. Leading by example, she intends to empower her readers to follow their dreams and to discover their inner self—in style! Her excursions of culture have led her to Asia, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean Islands, across the United States and to Canada.

Olga is a free-spirited entrepreneur and enjoys making connections with people from all over the world. She has received several awards including one that named her the 2012 Next Generation Latina by MasterCard and Latina Magazine. As a foodie and wine enthusiast, Olga loves to share her experiences and tips, and has done so in Expedia UK Travel Guides, NY Daily News, Vetta Magazine, and elsewhere.

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