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Silvana Lezama

Silvana “Nena” Lezama is a poet, blogger, and a social media activist. She was born in Perú, raised in San Francisco, and is now living in Los Angeles. After working for tech giants in Silicon Valley, Silvana pursed her purpose as a writer, catering to the WOC and the Latinx community. She has consistently contributed content to major social media activism pages including Undocumedia. She has since continued to lend her voice to platforms including Entity Mag, BoldLatina, and LA Cultural Weekly.

Silvana plans to use her poetry and her writing to inspire a dialogue that can lead to the healing and empowerment of POC.  When Silvana isn’t writing, she is hanging out with her dogs or traveling. She has visited 14 countries and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She believes both books and travel are the best teachers.

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