Tara Sherry-Torres

Creative Entrepreneur + La Jefa at Cafe Con Leche

Tara is a creative entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, 2014 Pittsburgh Magazine 40 Under 40, and has recently been named of of 2016 Creators of the Year by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. For over 10 years, Tara has been working in community-based organizations in New York City and Pittsburgh, focused on community organizing and economic development. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Tara’s passion for people led her to pursue her Masters in Social Work from The University of Pittsburgh. In 2014, Tara founded Cafe Con Leche, an award-winning events production + digital media company. Cafe Con Leche highlights authentic Latino culture using art + food. Tara uses her platform to inspire Latinos to express their creativity, celebrate their culture, and become innovative community leaders. When she is not running an empire, you can find Tara on a beach, sipping some wine at a vineyard, or exploring a new city.

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