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Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz resides in Los Angeles, California. She is bilingual and was raised in California. She loves exploring new cultures, traveling internationally, philanthropy, and lifestyle topics not limited to fashion, photography, and food.

Vanessa has worked in fashion show production, public relations, visual merchandising, social media, and event planning. Her experience has included organizations like Dr. Pepper, Junior League, MillerCoors, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Westfield, Hispanics Organized for Political Equality, San Diego State University, and the NFL Chargers. She is a consultant and  freelances in addition to being a lifestyle blogger. The media landscape became important to her at a very early age and while she indulges in fashion and lifestyle topics she can also appreciate the seriousness of politics and charity work. Vanessa has a degree in Media Arts and Political Science with a special certificate in Nonprofit and Fundraising. She considers herself a forever student. Her written work has been included in Transworld Business Magazine, HipLatina and on radio stations. She has also been quoted in Good Housekeeping and

You can follow her and her random sprinkles and splashes of random curiosities, or on Twitter and Instagram (@pipleinepepper).

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