Yvette Montoya

Yvette is an L.A. native, a curly girl advocate and a first generation Latina working toward female empowerment through her writing and her artwork. She’s passionate about art, politics, tech, intersectional women’s issues and smacking down haters on Instagram. When she’s not typing away in front of a computer screen you’ll find her re-watching Atlanta & Bob’s Burgers, dancing to reggaeton and playing with her three foster bunnies: Basil, Alfalfa & Art Vandelay.
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femtech, vaginal health, vulva,

These Femtech Companies Founded by WOC Are Innovating Women’s Healthcare

In 2019 women in the U.S. and all over the world are still dangerously underserved by the medical community and…

mural, public art, Los Angeles, Mexican, El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco Restores Los Angeles Murals with Augmented Reality

Although a changing neighborhood can usually be hidden indoors, the sense of identity and community is also changed forever on…

7 Curvy Latinas Changing the Modeling Game HipLatina

30 Curvy Plus-Size Latina Models to Follow on Instagram

Our culture has a serious obsession with women having bodies that are deemed socially acceptable and beautiful. The standards that…

Bloomi Founder Rebecca Alvarez Wants You to Breakup With Toxic Feminine Care

When we think about what we perceive as “clean,” it’s usually associated with a strong, crisp fragrance. Think Fabuloso, Suavitel,…

Ydelays Rodriguez, Golden Dream Beauty, YouTube, Beauty, Makeup, Latina owned

Golden Dream Beauty Was Created By a Venezuelan With an American Dream

Ydelays Rodriguez didn’t have a road map, she only knew her destination: a career as a TV host. After moving…

don't let go, movie, David Oyelowo, Storm Reid, mystery, thriller, sci-fi

‘Don’t Let Go’ is a Time Traveling Sci-Fi Thriller Where the Victim Saves Herself

Don’t Let Go is a time-traveling Blumhouse Sci-Fi thriller that will have audiences on the edge of their seat and…

Patty Rodriguez, Latinx community, KIIS.FM, Los Angeles

Patty Rodriguez is Using Her Platform to Empower the Latinx Community

Since we last checked in on Patty Rodriguez she’s become on-air talent for KIIS.FM’s morning show with Ryan Seacrest, her…

Dipsea is Erotic Content Made With Women’s Brains in Mind

Although the need for “sexy inspiration” might not seem like an intuitive one — maybe it should be. Tech founders…

How Can College be the Great Equalizer if the System is Rigged?

On Monday ProPublica uncovered a new college admissions scandal involving forty suburban Chicago families who renounced legal guardianship of their…

AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, Immigration, DHS, ICE

A Look Into Nancy Pelosi’s Attacks on the Congresswomen of Color ‘Squad’

It appears as though we’ve reached another turning point in our national dialogue because just when you think it can’t…

Latinx, The Kat Call, Mitu, Filmmaker

Kat Lazo’s Career Has Been Anything But Ordinary

Something that we don’t realize when we’re wide-eyed kids is that success is not linear, our careers will take many…

Female Rappers, Cardi B, Jermaine Dupri, Strippers

4 Female Rappers Cardi B Wants You to Listen to

When Jermaine Dupri said in an interview with People that he couldn’t think of his favorite female rapper because there…

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