Conversation With LA Skincare Expert Natalie Aguilar

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Natalie Aguilar, owner of California based skin care boutique Afterglow Beverly Hills, brings her background as a nurse to her work as an aesthetician, creating a high quality salon focused on the health of her clients’ skin, not merely the outside appearance of beauty.

Natalie has worked for La Mer, Sisley, La Prairie, YSL, and Chanel, and before opening Afterglow with her sister Nadia she spent several years practicing at a well-known dermatology office on Rodeo Drive where she performed highly sensitive and technical treatments, such as microdermabrasion and RF to celebrity clients. We recently spoke with Ms. Aguilar to find out more about her approach to skincare, and what we all should be doing at different ages to protect our skin.

HipLatina: How did you decide to switch from nursing to beauty and skincare?

Natalie Aguilar: I incorporated Nursing into skincare, rather than switching completely from one field to the other. I feel that healthcare comes before beauty. I have had clients who have previously had moles squeezed because it resembled a blackhead or pimple. Education is the most important aspect in helping others achieve their most healthy, luminous skin.

HL: Tell us more about the IV vitamin and hydration treatments. Who do you recommend them for? How do you know if they are working?

NA: IV hydration with vitamins has become increasingly popular since many of us do not drink adequate amounts of water or consume enough vitamins. Therefore this is recommended to our clients who are extremely dehydrated, or have been traveling too long. We see results all the time when clients tell us how great they feel. These treatments also encourage us to stay on track with a healthy balanced diet.

HL: What advice can you give specifically to Latina women who haven’t spent much attention to their skincare over the years, but who are interested in making a change?

NA: If anyone hasn’t spent much time on caring for their skin and want to see a change it is important to start slow. Many people wake up and want instant gratification and that is how we get in trouble in example Laser Burns, excessive injectables or unecessary surgery. It is important to start with a great skincare routine, one that includes a cleanser, active serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Then seek a professional who you trust to guide you through the years.

HL: What can women do in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to protect your natural beauty?

NA: Men and women should add specific ingredients as we age to protect our natural aging process. In our 20s we begin to show first signs of aging like fine lines and mild discoloration. We should start using vitamin C because it boosts collagen, lightens discoloration and fights acne.

In our 30s, we should continue vitamin C and add in vitamin A ( retinol) and collagen which keep our healthy cells producing at a great rate.

In our 40s we should continue vitamins A & C, collagen serums & creams and start receiving professional lifting treatments such as radiofrequency and ultrasound.

HL: What is your ultimate goal or mission with your business?

NA: My sister Nadia and I wish to stay on top of the rapidly growing skincare industry. We take pride in using the latest and most effective treatments on the market. Our boutique is very small because we love maintaining a personal and private environment. We also love sharing secrets and DIY treatments at home on Instagram because we want to help and motivate men and women worldwide.

HL: How do you balance career and personal life while you expand your business?

NA: Well luckily my sister and I get to work with each other so there’s no question about family time. We don’t feel we have to manage because we are so passionate about what we do. And when you are passionate and love your job you don’t separate the two. They slowly become you. We grew up watching our dad run his own business and raise a family. It was amazing.

HL: What advice do you have for females who would like to be entrepreneurs? Is there something you wish you had been said to you when you were getting started?

NA: Our parents always told us that anything was possible but the world told us otherwise and we felt the need to prove them wrong.

If you have the desire to achieve your dream the energy that you have to achieve it will guide you. You need fear. If there is fear that means it is a goal worth chasing.

HL: Awesome, thanks so much Natalie! We wish you all the best with your boutique!

NA: Thank you!


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