Conversation With Nicole Muñoz from “Defiance” Part Two

Nicole Muñoz

Nicole Muñoz

Our interview with Defiance star Nicole Muñoz continues. Make sure to read Part 1 first! Nicole has spent the last three years on SyFy’s Defiance. Now her character arc has come to an end and she must look to a future without the crew and world she’s loved from the very beginning.

Beware: This interview contains spoilers!

Hip Latina: Was there a cast member that you looked up to as an actor?

Nicole Muñoz: Of course all of them—it was an incredible cast to look up to, and I was the youngest on set. Julie Benz and I got along really well. She taught me about professionalism, the social aspect of acting, even acting itself. If you see her on TV she blows your mind. Jamie Murray helped me. We would always go over the psychology of our characters. Graham Greene is an actor with an incredible history. Hearing his tales was absolutely incredible.

HL: What is the most memorable moment from your last days filming?

NM: When we were prepping for the big death scene. We’d finished making sure you’re standing this way because there’s guns going off and smoke over here, all those safety things. All the actors were just standing still and prepping, doing their emotional work. I don’t think the set has ever been that quiet. I had to take a minute to look around. I was trying to stay in character, but all I could think about was how I was basically losing my family.

That quietness was like the calm before a storm. It comes across on camera how devoted to the scene everyone was because it was my death and Graham Greene’s death.

HL: Did you take any mementos from the set?

NM: I was given a bouquet of flowers and got to take my name from the back of my chair. I didn’t steal anything! They need all their props and costumes because it’s a TV show–you never know when they’re going to return to a scene.

HL: Is it possible you’d return for a flashback scene?

NM: I would love to. I haven’t heard anything. Everything’s possible in Defiance. I could even come back as an alien!

HL: You have a couple TV movies coming out soon, but what are you currently working on?

NM: I just finished one project and I can’t say too much about it. It’s going to be something really special. The actors are all mind blowing and extremely talented young [people]. The director is a genius. It’s this amazing, touching story. Definitely a project I’m proud to be a part of. I wish I could say more.

Nicole MuñozHL: Now you’ve made me curious! What’s something you’ve never done before in film that you hope to do in the future?

NM: I’m about to start doing a kid’s comedy. Crazy things happen the whole movie. It’ll be a nice break from a very serious Defiance.

HL: At the end of the day, what makes being an actor worth it all?

NM: Hard question. Acting is a part of me. I could never see myself doing something else. It’s the storytelling—I’m not talking about being on set. I mean the script analysis, learning about myself, the emotions, characters, story, and speaking to incredible people. Acting is all about sharing and being able to learn. Actually calling that a job is pretty incredible.

You can tune into Defiance on SyFy Fridays at 9/8c or watch previous episodes on Amazon Prime. Nicole loves to talk to fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr–wherever you hang out online, Nicole is there!

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