Create An Anti-Aging Home With Feng Shui, Part 3

In my last two articles I explained how hectic daily life often creates a lot of bodily stress and how this build up of tension can in turn result in faster aging—something nobody wants to see. In order to release the stress in our bodies, it’s important to transform the home into a stress-releasing sanctuary where we can renew ourselves in between activities. Using Feng Shui, we can create this harmonious living environment to experience an energizing body-mind-soul balance.

I was trained by Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim, the founder of The Qi-Mag Feng Shui school which is the only school that implements all the different Feng Shui systems with the knowledge of Building Biology and Geomancy to create this high vitalizing living environment.

Using Building Biology In Your Home

In this third article I want to tell you about the knowledge of Building Biology that can be used to create a high vitalizing living environment that will have in an anti-aging effect on your body.

Besides the Feng Shui principles implemented in your house, the second important technique of Building Biology is the use of natural materials in the rough building structures and finishing materials. As I mentioned in my first article, our body antenna system receives millions of signals from its environment; positive signals energizes us and negative signals drains us.

Focus On Natural Materials

Photo: Pexels

Natural Building materials like a wood, natural stones like bricks, sandstones, granites, marbles etc. have more energy than concrete and steel. Generally speaking, you can say that a house has a higher vitality level when more natural materials are used. It’s also worth noting that unnatural building material finishing with plastics like PVC (Polyvinylchloride) and Polyurethane are toxic for the body and should be avoided whenever possible.

Try to minimize the use of unnatural finishing materials in your house like carpets, curtains, walls, wall finishing, etc. Especially the bedroom should have natural materials because that’s the place where our bodies rejuvenate during sleep. So make sure that your matress, pillows, and blankets are 100% natural materials.

Electrical Elements: Watch Out For Wifi

Electrical equipment, wireless devices and even wifi can cause electromagnetic smog, which depletes our energy. We don’t think about it because wireless devices makes our lives very easy. Our Internet, TVs, and mobile phone connections are wireless, everywhere we go the first thing we are looking for is a wifi connection for our mobile phone:We cannot avoid it anymore.

Is There A Remedy?

To make sure that your bedroom is free of electromagnetic smog, shut down the wifi during the night so your body has time to regenerate and revitalize. This may take an adjustment period, but you will notice after a few days that you will have a better sleep and your body energy is much higher.

In my next article I will focus on the effect of Geomancy on your home vitalty.




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