9 Women Share How They Transitioned From Heat-Damage to Healthy Curly Hair

Felicia Jones

curly hair transition

Occupation: Co-Owner of F.A.D Cake Boutique and Curl hair blogger

Instagram handle: @hif3licia

On what inspired her transition: “My big sister Aubrie and I always loved curly hair. We just never knew how to take care of it, so we’d get relaxers, use flat irons, and products with harsh ingredients. One day my sister saw a video of @SunKissAlba on YouTube getting a Devacut and we decided we were going to treat our curls better. After she passed away I decided to keep our plans going and start my healthy hair journey. “

On what she did to transition to healthy curls. “I started trying to get my curls healthy in late 2013/early 2014, but just couldn’t figure it out. In 2015 I discovered a book called The Curly Girl Handbook and entered Devacurl’s SuperCream Challenge, where I started documenting my journey and seeing steady progress. I stopped using high heat and products with harsh ingredients like sulfates and silicones. I started deep conditioning regularly, using my fingers to detangle, and started incorporating essential oils in my routine. I also got a Devacut to get rid of damaged ends and give me the shape that I always wanted!

On her advice to other curly girls transitioning. “NEVER give up and never compare your journey to someone else’s. Take pictures regularly so you can look back and be motivated when you see your progress. Your goal should never be to have curls like someone else’s, but to get your curls as healthy as possible.”

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