How To Decolonize Your Latino Holiday Dishes

Plant-based Latino dishes are still tasty AF.

“The first time I decided to go vegan was right before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2014. I decided to cook alongside my grandmother, Ramona, and I copied whatever she was making for the holiday dinner that had meat in it and made it vegan like lasagna with vegetables and pasteles filled with spinach,” says Batista. “Other dishes were already vegan, like arroz con guandules, so the only thing I didn’t have was turkey but I personally have never been [into] turkey. Latinx and Black people continuously rank #1 and #2 when it comes to bad health outcomes that have been linked to lack of access to quality food …. With my business, Woke Foods, I get to create access to information and quality food and that is what inspired these cooking classes. I love that the classes take place a 5-minute walk from my family’s apartment in Harlem and that they are much more affordable than other cooking classes out there.”

Keep a lookout on Woke Food’s Instagram page for Batista’s next vegan Latino cooking class in NYC!

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