How To Decolonize Your Latino Holiday Dishes

There’s this very American mentality that Latin cuisine isn’t healthy

Photo: Unsplash/@louishansel

Photo: Unsplash/@louishansel

Keep a lookout on Woke Food’s Instagram page for Batista’s next vegan Latino cooking class in NYC!


“Our ceviche de palmitas is definitely a crowd favorite, but ceviche can be made with marinated cauliflower as the base too,” Ramirez says. “Let your ingredients marinate in a mix of lemon juice, oil, and salt to bring the flavors out.”

Make vegan pasteles en hoja.

Make or buy dairy-free coquito.

Batista’s food business Woke Foods makes dairy-free, vegan coquito every year for customers and it’s just as delicious as the real thing!

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