We Discovered All Ziplines are NOT Created Equal

Ziplining—where you strap into a harness and let gravity carry you across to the other side—provides a rush for thrill seekers around the world. Compared to other thrilling excursions like skydiving, hang gliding, or even roller coaster riding, ziplining can often be found close to home and at a fraction of the cost.

But not all ziplines are worth the ride. There are ziplines, and then there is “El Monstruo” (“The Monster”) in Puerto Rico’s Toro Verde Adventure Park, located in Orocovis, about 90 minutes southwest of San Juan. Toro Verde (or “Green Bull”) hosts the largest aerial park in the western hemisphere. The park’s main attraction is “El Monstruo,” a Superman zipline where you fly face-down, strapped in a custom harness, and fly down the longest zip line on the planet with a 2.5km cable, equivalent to the length of 28 football fields.


In addition to the ziplines, the park is full of other outdoor adventures: rope bridges that will test your balance and guarantee you a wobbly trek into the open sky; rappelling performed in the open air; and mountain biking through the lush Puerto Rican landscape. Toro Verde Adventure Park also has a restaurant serving Puerto Rico local delicacies, which you can eat while enjoying sweeping mountain views.

If you have never tried a zipline, you should evaluate safety record and procedures before signing up. Toro Verde follows a meticulous security protocol, including the use of two security cables instead of the more typical one.

On your next trip to Puerto Rico, consider a day at Toro Verde. It’s an exhilarating, action-packed, and supremely entertaining excursion into the mountains, the forest, and the sky.

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