2016 Favorites Decor crafting
2016 Favorites Decor

#DIY How to Organize Your Holiday Crafting Schedule

Starting a holiday craft project is usually at the top of my list the day after Thanksgiving—but this year things have gotten off to a slow start. I just began my first crafting project,  which means I will have to be especially organized if I hope to finish everything on my schedule in time for the holidays. Learn from my mistakes! Develop a solid plan for accomplishing your DIY goals, and enjoy the feelings of joy and satisfaction that come from making gifts for your favorite people (much better than the self-loathing that comes from not meeting your goals and ending up ordering last minute gift certificates…).

How should you organize your December crafting projects? Plan by priority, ease, supplies, and available help.

  • Three to four maximum (more than this will be hard to pull off)
  • Calendar (use your laptop or paper calendar to write out deadlines for yourself)
  • Shopping List—check your crafting supplies leftover from last year before buying new stuff (even if that means emptying out your overstuffed hall closet)
  • Order supplies online—if you know what you want, you can save time and order at your convenience.
  • Create a station for each craft so your supplies don’t get mixed up. This will allow you to visualize each project in its own place.

Once you have mastered your holiday DIY planning calendar and you are ready to dive into everything crafty, HipLatina has selected a few of our favorite projects that you might add to your list.


2016 Favorites Decor crafting
2016 Favorites Decor


Favorite Gift Wrapping

2016 Favorites Gift Wrapping crafting
2016 Favorites Gift Wrapping


Stockings and Garlands

2016 Favorites Garland crafting
2016 Favorites Garland

Now, if your living room has turned into a jumble of whining in-laws, colored paper, glue, and shiny Christmas ornaments, you may need to retreat to the kitchen for a bottle of wine. And if you find this keeps happening, maybe you should quit drinking—just kidding! What you need to do in this situation is turn your drinking into a crafting project. Here are some ways to make that a reality.

You can find all of the fun DIY projects on our Pinterest holiday boards – click here.


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