Queso Vegan Sandwich Recipe
Guava and Queso Vegan Sandwich

Easy Healthy Guava and Queso Vegan Sandwich

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a little over a year now. With any new home comes a few food habits—locations you hit up when you’ve had a bad day or want to reward yourself or just feel like pastries are the only reason you’ll get out of bed.

For me, one of those is a relleno de guayaba y queso and a big old cafe con leche from the Dominican bakery Esmeraldo. Depending on my willpower that day, I may also ask for a big hunk of pineapple upside-down cake and an amount of sugar in my coffee that I think makes the lovely women who work the counter feel a little worried about me.

I’m all about some fruit with cheese, and sweet, tangy guava is especially suited to the pairing, so I decided to make it into a sandwich.

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