Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Your Kids Can Make

St. Patrick’s Day… even if you don’t celebrate it at home, the teachers at school will probably remind your kids to wear green, your neighborhood or city might have a parade, and shamrocks will be everywhere as we celebrate this time-honored Irish tradition. To help you and your family really get into the spirit of the holiday, we’ve gathered a few crafts projects that you and your kids will love putting together. These DIY St. Patrick’s Day crafts are easy, fun, and hands-on. Best of all, the kids can give them to friends or teachers as gifts!

A Glittery Shamrock  via IHeartCrafty

Kids Art Project HipLatina

Photo: Iheartcraftythings.com


Requiring only 3 paper plates, a popsicle stick, green project paint, some glitter, and glue, these shamrocks are easy and fun to make! First, help your child spray paint each plate and the popsicle stick green. You may want to do this outside or in the garage, with some newspaper or cardboard underneath to keep the mess to a minimum. While the paint’s still wet, the kids can sprinkle glitter onto the plates. After the paint has dried, glue two of the plates together side by side and overlapping slightly, and glue the third one onto the back. Attach the popsicle stick to the back using more glue or tape. All done!

A Delicious Rainbow via Oneartsymama

Kids Art Project HipLatina

Photo: AmyLatta.com

You might already have the main ingredients for this super-cute rainbow in your pantry and makeup bag. You’ll need a box of Froot Loops® or similar cereal, a few cotton balls, a sheet of white paper, and some glue. Your kids will enjoy sorting their cereal loops by color; then they can glue them and the cotton ball “clouds” down. To give this as a gift, all that’s left is to write a message on the paper with colorful markers or glitter pens!

A Q-Tip masterpiece via makeandtakes

HIpLatina Crafts Q-Tips

Photo: Makesandtakes.com

This project makes a great St. Patrick’s Day greeting card, and it’s suitable for kids of all ages. Q-tips® make a great DIY paintbrush for small hands! You’ll need some white card stock, one Q-tip each per color of the rainbow, paint in rainbow colors, tape, a plate, and some newspaper (to prevent mess). Fold the card stock in half to make a card. Next, tape several Q-tips together in a line by sandwiching them between two pieces of tape – or paint each color individually. Dip each Q-tip in a different color of paint in order of the rainbow, and drag it across the paper to make the rainbow. Finish off with glitter “clouds” and write a celebratory message on the card!

A goodie bag via Thedailydigi

HipLatina Craft Kids Bag

Photo: thedailydigi.com

With these charming free printable bag toppers from The Daily Digi, you can easily create festive goodie bags your kids can give to their friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Just fill a regular paper lunch bag with baked goods or individually wrapped candy and attach the bag topper to the bag using brads or staples.

Get the free printable here




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