Meet Edna Chavez, the Inspiring Leader at the March For Our Lives Rally

She walked out on stage, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, made the sign of the cross and greeted the audience in Spanish.
“Hola buenas tardes,” Edna Lizbeth Chavez said at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington D.C.
The 17-year-old senior from South Los Angeles was one of 20 young speakers at today’s historic protest in D.C, which included more than 800 other marches throughout the world. The poised young woman spoke as tears streamed down her face when she mentioned losing her older brother Ricardo through gun violence.
 “I am a youth leader. I am a survivor. I have lived in South L.A. my entire life, and have lost many loved ones to gun violence,” Chavez said. “This is normal. Normal to the point that I learned to duck from bullets before I learned how to read.” “My brother, he was in high school when he passed away,” she continued. “It was a day like any other day. Sunset going down on South Central. You hear pops, thinking they’re fireworks. They weren’t pops. You see the melanin on your brother’s skin go gray. Ricardo was his name. Can you all say it with me?”
Watch her entire speech below.

As she cried, mourning the loss of her brother, the crowd began to chant Ricardo’s name.

Edna’s powerful speech is a result of her work through the Community Coalition, which she is a part of. She said the organization has taught her to be a leader and an activist for policy change.

Before her big speech in Washington, Edna told NBC that she was thrilled but nervous to be speaking at the event.

“I feel excited, I feel nervous because this is a huge topic and something that has impacted me personally,” said Chavez, according to NBC. “It’s something that’s talked about but nothing is really being done so I’m here to demand, we’re here to demand.”

People on social media were truly inspired by her words.




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