avocado toast
Photo Credit - Olena Danileiko

Egg-in-a-Basket Avocado Toast

Egg in a basket or egg in the basket? That is the question, at least while scanning results from Google’s search engine.

I’m not really sure, because it appears both ways on the internet and I’ve always just said “egg-in-a-basket” without giving it much thought. Either way, I do know that it’s versatile and tasty. It’s appropriate fare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it’s rich but wholesome.

My mom used to make my siblings and me egg-in-a-basket toast, so it makes me think of home and being a child with a simple, satisfying life (even if that has only ever existed in nostalgic imagination). She usually cooked with butter, so I’m partial to that addition, but feel free to substitute with olive oil if that sounds better to you. One thing she never did was add avocado to this simple treat. (My mom is allergic to avocadoes and kind of afraid of them.) That addition came later in my very own egg-in-a-basket-toast evolution (though perhaps not all my own), since it seems to have coincided with the rise of avocado toast.

I hope you’ll take on the task of creating your own versions. Maybe add in some garlic or chipotle peppers or use lime juice instead of lemon. Or, you know, just stick to the original plan. In the end, it’s all just toast.

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