El Latino Papa: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What Do You Get the Rugged Latino Kind of Dad?

If your Father is like mine, he is the kind that’s rough around the edges, works with his hands, family means everything, and his idea of nice clothes are something not dirty from the garden or oil from the car… he’s probably a really hard working, first generation type with a thick accent many of your friends don’t understand. But his generosity and thought for others is unparalleled, even if he has a Benicio Del Torro kind of accent. If you asked, he’d say he’d rather you not get him anything for Father’s Day, so why not get him something he may not realize is a Father’s Day gift but more of a gift for Dad being Dad—your rock and inspiration of true hard work and Family importance? Here are some gift ideas for El Latino Papa. -Vanessa Diaz, Lifestyle Contributor

Measure Ring - Father's Day Gif Ideas

Measure Ring

For the hands-on Dad:




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