Man Gets Detained By Immigration After Ex-Girlfriend Reported Him

Crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t just a show, but can easily apply to a woman who’s beyond deranged and sick. According to court documents, 37-year-old Serafin Alegria-Zamora — a resident of Kansas City, MO — had been a victim of his ex-girlfriend’s mind games and stalking for years. In 2017, after his ex-girlfriend found out that Alegria-Zamora had a baby on the way with his new girlfriend she got her revenge in the most heartless way. She called immigration officials and told them that he was undocumented. In 2017, immigration officials came to detain him and now Alegria-Zamora’s lawyer is trying to set him free and reunite him with his family.

Court documents show that Alegria-Zamora’s ex-girlfriend would send him and his new partner horrific images of dead children. She also sent them a doll with with red paint all over it and a note that said “back off bitch, Serfin is mine.” Because Alegria-Zamora had evidence of threats, he was applying to for a U Visa, which is given to “undocumented immigrants up to four years of legal residence in the United States if they cooperate with ongoing police investigations,” according to Splinter.

But after his ex-girlfriend turned him over to immigration, now Alegria-Zamora’s U Visa has been put on his hold. His new girlfriend is and his lawyer are fighting to reinstate that application. His lawyer also says that Alegria-Zamora only crime record shows re-entering the country without documentation and social security fraud.

While Alegria-Zamora was arrested last year, ICE raids in his city has increased. Just this week, ICE detained more than 20 people in Kansas City in a four-day operation.




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