#Fab Friday 5 Chic Winter Coats from Designer Tessa Koops

Have you been putting off the purchase of a real winter coat? Now that it’s December, you have the chance to observe what other people chose and do something different. And to make the process a little easier, we’ve handpicked some fun options for any girl’s winter wardrobe. Remember, even when it’s cold, clothes should never be boring! In this spirit of fun and festivities, we’ve decided to highlight some pieces from the Dutch Fashion Designer Tessa Koops, who designs for every woman, including the ones with fabulous curves (like most us hip latinas). Her collection includes fun prints, trendy coats, street couture, day-to-night pieces with many odes to the return of animal print. Wrap up in style when the temperature drops! There are so many to choose from that you’ll definitely find one to accentuate your style and personality.


Tessa Koops Red HipLatiina

Donna Fuego Style

Red is hot, and symbolizes power. The style of this coat will take you from street couture directly to your date night….but it is reserved for the woman who enjoys being the center of attention and standing out in a crowd, especially when most people are wearing black, grey, and brown during the winter season.

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