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#Fab Friday 5 Chic Winter Coats from Designer Tessa Koops

Have you been putting off the purchase of a real winter coat? Now that it’s December, you have the chance to observe what other people chose and do something different. And to make the process a little easier, we’ve handpicked some fun options for any girl’s winter wardrobe. Remember, even when it’s cold, clothes should never be boring! In this spirit of fun and festivities, we’ve decided to highlight some pieces from the Dutch Fashion Designer Tessa Koops, who designs for every woman, including the ones with fabulous curves (like most us hip latinas). Her collection includes fun prints, trendy coats, street couture, day-to-night pieces with many odes to the return of animal print. Wrap up in style when the temperature drops! There are so many to choose from that you’ll definitely find one to accentuate your style and personality.


Tessa Koops Red HipLatiina
Donna Fuego Style

Red is hot, and symbolizes power. The style of this coat will take you from street couture directly to your date night….but it is reserved for the woman who enjoys being the center of attention and standing out in a crowd, especially when most people are wearing black, grey, and brown during the winter season.

Tessa Koops Lana HipLatina
Lana Beebop Style

Day-to-night look. It can be worn from the office to happy hour, to dinner. It is for a woman who loves to have a transformative piece that relies more on accessories than outfits for varied looks. This is a good piece to have in your closet, especially if you’re always on the go with no time change at home.

Tess Koops HipLatina
Animal Print

I am woman, hear me roar! Stylish animal print jackets return to your closet! Unusual as they are fun, this coat is for the adventurous wild child who loves to look strong, sensual and playful at the same time.

Tessa Koops Stella White HipLatina
Tessa Koops Stella Doux

Snow White. only for the brave, but oh so worth the risk and it never goes out of style! It is so beautiful but you have to be mindful of where you sit/stand at all times. It’s like floating on a cloud, a true dream coat.

Tessa Koops Floral Print
Floral Print

Coats with Floral Designs. The prints in darker colors are perfect for this season. Flowers are not only romantic but they are also lively and fun. Perfect for that vibrant lady who also loves an edgy, boho chic look.

Tessa Koops Stuffed Coats HipLatina
Stuffed Coats Style

For the woman who loves the feeling of a soft fluffy fabric, check out the coat that’s more like blanket outerwear. This piece is so warm and soft that you won’t want to take it off. If you value comfort and style, then this option is the best one for you.

Don’t limit yourself—as women, we reserve the right to change our mood and style as often as we choose. It’s our prerogative!

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