Weird Things That Affect Your Periods You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

We spend a lifetime trying to understand our bodies and how they work. Periods have often been a topic of confusion, embarrassment, and too-little information. In order to demystify the whole thing and help you be more in control of your health, we are sharing different ways that everyday things like food, exercise–and even that weird and mysterious moon–may or may not affect your menstruation.



Periods HipLatina

Photo: Pixabay

We eat food several times a day, so you may have an idea how certain food affects you once that time of the month rolls around. Things like sugar, dairy, too many carbs, salty foods, and caffeinated beverages can cause bloating, inflammation, an increase of other PMS symptoms, and even affect estrogen, progesterone, and seratonin levels. Foods you should eat during your period include iron-rich sources such as beans, dark chocolate, nuts, and leafy vegetables; saffron, whole grains, and fiber-rich fruits.




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