6 Fashion Hacks That Will Save You From Unexpected Mishaps

We go through great lengths to look good, but let’s face it, things can inevitably go wrong when we least expect it. These six fashion hacks should keep you looking on point, no matter the fashion mishap. 

Deodorant stain remover.

My favorite fashion hack is the deodorant removal trick.That pesky white residue especially on black shirts or dresses are a fashion crime that can be prevented. If you’re a solid stick deodorant user, before you do anything, do not reach for a towel or paper towel! Luckily, you can remove all of it in seconds.

All you have to do is take the inner part of the garment (not the soft silly lining if it has one but the actual fabric like that on the outside) and rub in a circular motion until it disappears. Black magic!

You can also try a used fabric softener sheet or the foam that comes with a pant hanger.




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