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Fashionistaover40 - Evelyn and Spicer Bags
Evelyn and Spicer Bags

Hola Fashionistas!

I had the great opportunity of receiving the Cork Folio Clutch in Cork Dots from Spicer Bags, to style and review for

Spicer Bags is a San Francisco based company, founded in 2000 by Sally Spicer Rankine. Formerly known as Sally Spicer Bags, this company is now owned and operated by a mother-daughter team,

Bonnie Gemmell and Sarah Gemmell.  Spicer Bags specializes in creating fun, durable and contemporary designs for every occasion.

Last week we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and for our evening out, I decided to wear a bright yellow dress and style it with this lovely clutch, from their Cork Line collection.

The Cork Folio Clutch is excellently made.  The interior is a beautiful cotton material with gold designs, and includes a zippered pocket.

It’s very light weight, and easy to carry.  This clutch is perfectly sized to hold all your essentials. The material is real cork, cut into dots, which makes it a unique and fun statement piece.

What I love most about this clutch, is that you’re able to style it for a romantic evening out, or pair it with jeans, simple top and sandals, for a casual daytime outing.

For more designs and selections, be sure and check out their online store,


Evelyn Irwin, Style and Fashion Contributor


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