FashionistaOver40’s Sequin and Glitter picks!

Sequin and Glitter
FashionistaOver40’s Sequin and Glitter picks!

Hola Fashionistas!

Once again it’s that time of the year, where most of us tend to bring our sequin pieces out of hiding. There’s something about glitter and the holidays that makes us believe, that it’s the only time we should wear our sequin. I could say I’m one of them, as I tend to wear them most, during the holiday season.

News alert;

sequin can be worn all year round. I think everyone should own at least, a sequin pencil skirt, a top and of course jogger pants. These can be worn with just about anything and look great for day or evening wear.

Fashionista over 40I’ve worn my jogger sequin pants with converse for a day out and loved how it looked. Just be creative, wear a simple t-shirt, denim jacket and keep the jewelry simple.

I guarantee you will look fabulous!

I found two of my sequin joggers at Target, in the the girls department.  They were inexpensive and look great. Be sure and keep your eye open as we get closer to the holiday season, I’m sure they’ll bring them back.

Click here for more of Fashionista’s favorite sequin finds. Enjoy!



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