First Gold Medal EVER for Puerto Rico Earned by a Latina #PicaPower

Puig Gold
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Dreams do come true! History is being made by many accomplished athletes at the The Rio Olympic Games 2016. Aside from all the amazing feats in swimming, gymnastics, and the other incredible summer sports, today is a day like no other for Puerto Rico and Monica Puig. The 22-year-old just won the gold medal for women’s tennis at the Olympics by beating world No. 2 Angelique Kerber, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, in a battle in Brazil.

Puig is the first athlete to win a Gold Medal representing Puerto Rico! Puig won in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the Olympic Tennis Center, with her more dramatic points leading fans to shout “Si se puede” and wave the flag of Puerto Rico. More than once, the chair umpire went from requesting silence to simply shushing the audience.

Her path to Gold was tough, but as the first unseeded player ever to win the Gold Medal, she played the match of her life.

Wimbledon 2016

Defeated in the 1st Round

Ranked #33

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French Open 2016

Defeated in the 3rd Round

French Open
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Australian Open 2016

Defeated in 3rd Round

Ranked #47

Australian Open
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“I told myself to be as aggressive as I could,” Puig said during the Bravo broadcast.  In addition to winning the first Gold Medal for Puerto Rico, Puig became the the first woman to win a medal of any color for her country. “This is for them,” Puig said. “They’re going through some tough times. They needed this. I think this united a nation.” #PicaPower


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