Five Ways to Spring-ify Your Home from HipLatina

HipLatina SpringSpring began on the 20th of March. For some of us who live in climates that get very cold, it’s traditionally known as being a lovely time when the chill lets up, the sun comes out, and the days get longer. (We’re still waiting for all of that in New York City.)

It’s also a season associated with rebirths: spring cleaning. spring harvests. Agricultural and religious festivals like Holi, Passover, and Easter. Being so jam-packed with rejuvenation and productivity, it can be easy to let the time fly by. Before you know it, it’s June 20th (Summer), and all things summer-y—the good (sunshine, ice cream, fairs) and the bad (heat waves)—have replaced spring.

Don’t let that happen! Be present in spring. Indulge your senses indoors by making your home into a spring heaven. Here are some ideas to get you started:




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