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Four Friday #Tips for a Successful Fall DIY Garden

Four Friday #Gardening #Tips for Fall

Our tomatoes are ending their run this season, so it is time to transition to a Fall garden. With these four simple tips your Winter harvest will keep you healthy, happy, and well nourished. Step 1: Remove dead spring plantings and add to your compost pile.

fall Garden HipLatina

Next – Refresh Soil

Refresh your soil using your compost mixture.

Soil Garden HipLatina

Next – Plant veggies for Winter

There are many vegetables that thrive in Fall gardens and will be ready for Winter harvest. Our favorites include: Beans, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, beats, and onions.

Fall Winter Garden

Next – Cover crop

Finally, in the unused garden spaces plant a cover crop (red clover, rye grass  or mustard) to turn over in Spring and add nutrients to the soil.


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