Get Fit & Stay Strong How To Work The Core

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Setting fitness goals to get fit is a good way to stay motivated because it teaches you to physically challenge yourself. It also puts you in a different mindset compared to when your only goal is getting in shape for bathing suit season. For example, maybe you’re looking to achieve your first chin-up because you want to get stronger—and look like a bad ass doing it. First, there are a few things you need to know before achieving this feat. Women tend to have a harder time performing chin-ups because biologically we have smaller upper body muscles than men. If getting your chin over that bar is one of your goals, have no fear! Just because it’s easier for men, doesn’t mean it’s impossible for women. “Chin-ups are important for women to master because they help improve upper body strength, shoulder mobility and allow the joint to maintain proper alignment to reduce stress on the rotator cuff,“ explains personal trainer, Colin Remillard.




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