Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 21 Gifts for the Passionate and Mysterious Scorpio in Your Life

They’re the sign you love to hate, but while Scorpio’s get a bad rep sometimes — it’s hard to deny that they’re some of the most empathetic, intuitive, loyal and passionate people out of all zodiac signs

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 21 Gifts for the Passionate and Mysterious Scorpio in Your Life

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They’re the sign you love to hate, but while Scorpio’s get a bad rep sometimes — it’s hard to deny that they’re some of the most empathetic, intuitive, loyal and passionate people out of all zodiac signs.

What’s more? The water sign is also intuitively emotional and sensitive to others’ emotions as much as they are mysterious, secretive and alluring. They’re also one of the most seductive, romantic and sexual signs of the zodiac. In a nutshell, Scorpio’s are complicated beings and they must be handled carefully.

It also goes without saying that some of the most iconic and successful people are also Scorpios. Just take Amandla Stenberg, Tracee Ellis Ross, Winona Ryder, Drake, Ciara, Frank Oceana, Gabrielle Union, Willow Smith, Thandie Newton and the most iconic and legendary Scorpio of them all, Lisa Bonet. Scorpio season, aka the most wonderful time of the year, runs from October 23 to November 22.

From lingerie for the sultry Scorpio in your life, a journal for the Scorpio who’s extra introspective and also a little vengeful, candles for the Scorpio who’s very much into meditating and setting their intentions and other fun Scorpio things that’ll resonate with the water sign — we’ve got you covered for the holidays or any other special occasion.

Without further ado, here 21 gifts for the passionate and mysterious Scorpio in your life. Trust us, they’ll love you for it this holiday season. 

For the Sultry Scorpio in your life who loves some good lingerie

It’s no secret that Scorpios can be known for their sex appeal and their passion (whether it’s passion in relationships, passion toward life, passion toward their career), so what better way to let the sultry Scorpio in your life show it than with some lingerie? So, go on and check out Rihanna’s very own lingerie line SAVAGE x FENTY.

For the Scorpio with the killer instincts

Scorpio’s usually know what’s wrong before sh*t hits the fan. After all, we’ve got killer instincts. To help the intuitive Scorpio in your life, head on over to Dolls Kill’s HOROSCOPEZ line.

For the Scorpio who loves pleasure

Like we mentioned before, a Scorpio is both passionate and sultry so we thought The Bloomi’s The Heart by Chakrubs sex toy is the perfect release. Whether a Scorpio is in their feelings or simply in need to pleasure themselves or for self-care, this sex toy made with Rose Quartz is the perfect gift. “When the energy of the crystal combines with your own sexual energy, expect your heart to open, and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy,” the brand says.

For the Scorpio who wears their sign on their sleeve (or their neck)

If there’s anything Scorpios love, it’s to rep their zodiac sign any chance they get (this applies to other signs as well, of course). So help out the proud Scorpio in your life, go on over to Espacio 1839 and buy them a nameplate necklace — either with their name on it or their zodiac sign! You can head over to their brick-and-mortar store if you’re in Los Angeles or order online.

For the Scorpio who loves to sleep

For the sloth-y Scorpio in your life who loves to get good shut-eye, get them this cute Blank Tag Co. sticker—they’ve got more where this came from. If you want to personalize a set of stickers to fit your Scorpio’s personality, take a look at all the different designs they have. After all, their mission is to “empower people to express themselves through unique, diverse, and culturally relevant stickers inspired by the world we live in – because we believe everybody has a story worth sharing.”

For the Scorpio in need of a little mood ring

Simply because a Scorpio needs a piece of jewelry that portrays their essence, check out the perfect holiday gift for them at Crystals + Succulents. You can buy this very same ring or of another crystal on Mariela Belen’s Etsy store. All of her products are handmade.

For the mystic Scorpio

Whether it’s during Scorpio season or during the holidays, it’s never too late to buy the passionate, emotional and mysterious Scorpio in your life the perfect candle for them to set their intentions for the year. And House of Intuition has the perfect candle for the Scorpio in your life.

For the intense Scorpio in your life

Scorpio’s can definitely be intense and their intensity can also seep through other aspects of their life, like their fashion and beauty sense. So, Rihanna’s STUNNA Lip Paint in BLACK or also known as #UNINVITED is the perfect Scorpio vibes this holiday. Order it online or at any Sephora.

For the Scorpio with poppin’ skin

Who doesn’t want their skin to be glowing and poppin’? Get your Scorpio the bruja vibez they deserve with L.A. based and Latinx-owned Brujita Skincare. With over ten years of experience as an esthetician in holistic skincare, Leah created Brujita Skincare in 2017 after immersing herself in the mercados of Mexico City. It’s from these same inspirational mercados, that Leah handpicks key ingredients used in her products.”

For the Scorpio who wants to secure the bag

There’s no denying that Scorpio’s are go-getters and always chasing the next money bag, so this holiday season help the Scorpio in your life attract money, luck, and abundance with this House of Intuition candle. Programmed with intentions and magic, this candle will help clear any blockages in their career or finances to increase their money-flow.

For the Scorpio who needs their self-care Sundays

You know, after a long day of socializing and making sure no one crosses us, Scorpio’s need some unwinding. Especially during the holidays! Sure, it’s time spent with family and friends, but the bustle of the holidays can be draining and a Scorpio has got to recharge. Give them the gift of vegan and cruelty-free bath bombs from Loquita Bath and Body.

For the Scorpio with a lot of feelings

We’ve got a lot of feelings okay? These are feelings we usually like to keep to ourselves. But sometimes we just need to express ourselves… and what better way than with this Chillona ringer T-shirt from Espacio 1839? The Scorpio in your life that’s always in their feelings will love you for it.

For the brooding and bougie Scorpio

We’re usually not this bougie (after all, we ain’t a Taurus), but sometimes you have to treat the Scorpio in your life right. For their birthday or during Christmas, give them the gift of these one of a kind Dose of Roses from Beverly Hills. They have bouquets handpicked for each zodiac sign and/or they’ve got an all-black roses bouquet.

For the Scorpio ready to dismantle the patriarchy

I don’t know about you, but a Scorpio is always ready to dismantle the patriarchy. Get the Scorpio in your life this Toxic Machismo Be Gone candle for that extra push. Buy it from Sop Destruya!

For the literary Scorpio

For one of the intuitive and introspective signs on the zodiac, a Scorpio needs a book like it needs oxygen in order to hone in those skills even more. This holiday season, give the Scorpio in your life a book from renowned Latinx-authors! If you need some inspo, check these amazing mujeres out.

For the Scorpio ready to cleanse their life of bad energy

For the Scorpio who needs to do a little cleansing around their space, buy them this Etsy pack! All the smudging spray your Scorpio needs is right here.

For the Scorpio who likes to hold a grudge

It’s not something we’re proud of…. but Scorpio’s can be a little vengeful and are basically experts at keeping tabs on anyone and everyone who wrongs them. So, for the Scorpio in your life who’s into drinking the “blood” of their enemies, get them this perfect wine cup on Etsy.

For the Scorpio who needs it all

For the Scorpio who needs a little bit of everything, this Etsy Scorpio starter pack is the perfect kit. You’ve got all the essentials a Scorpio needs for a little TLC.

For the rebellious Scorpio in your life

We love a good REINA REBELDE lipstick and honestly, it might the best brand for the Scorpio in your life. Their selection of lipsticks, lip gloss, and liquid eyeliner will be the best accessory and create the perfect beauty look for your Scorpio. Buy their products online or at Target!

For the Scorpio who needs a lil’ somethin’ to unwind

Scorpio’s might be mysterious and brooding sometimes, but they love to have a good time. So give the gift of a classic bottle to the Scorpio in your life. REVEL is a brand headquartered in L.A. and it’s Latinx-owned as well! This product is made from the same plant as tequila but it’s distilled in Mexico’s most active volcanoes in the state of Morelos. Fun fact!

For the coffee-loving Scorpio (who’s also not here for your pendejadas)

Everyone loves a good cup of joe, but what makes this more relevant to a Scorpio is the message on the mug. “Too early for pendejadas” might as well be a Scorpio’s life mantra. Get the mug at Latinx-owned business Viva La Bonita.

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